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In allusion to the Long Grey Line, this section entitled “The Long Grey Notes” would include a take on the Philippine situation and being a voracious reader, blogs on recent readings consist of a thesis of the book, article, or website, and how they can be applied to the Philippine situation.

Being a student in business management, the blogs included in this section tackle on emerging trends in business and its impact to management.

This section includes all other blogs not necessarily categorized under the sections “The Grey, The Green and The Golden Orange” [Steel Manufacturing] and “The Grey Undertones” [Internet Security]

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2009.03.10: Reaching for the Sky?

With cities around the world building skyscrapers that pierce the sky, making islands out of sand and just building for the sake of building, I wonder what’s the Philippines doing during this construction boom or virtually “reach-for-the-sky or sky’s-the-limit” quest? [ more…]

2009.03.08: My «Dream» Interview With PGMA

It had been a dream of mine to interview President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo [PGMA] and pick her brains. In my own twisted dream, I have prepared ten questions during the interview, and below are the virtual words PGMA might have uttered. [ more…]

2009.03.07: Legatum Institute’s 2008 Prosperity Index

I came across a recent 2008 Legatum Prosperity Index: An Inquiry into Global Wealth and Wellbeing hosted by Prosperity web site. The Prosperity Index debuted in 2007, and a second edition issued in 2008 [ more…]

2009.01.18: Swiss Knife Mentality

With the popularity of Swiss Army Knives, most software designer adopted this mentality of having all the tools— necessary or not—lumped into one contraption or suite. [ more…]

2009.01.17: Teaching can be a Thankless Job

I was a lecturer in one of the local engineering college here for about five years. It was an eye-opening experience. Being an electrical engineer myself, I brought with me my own experience as an electrical engineering student years ago. [ more…]

2009.01.11: Ready, Set, Let Go!

I worked for about ten years in a steel company which ordered in 1999 the retrenchment of its 1,500 employees because of burgeoning debt [which] began the diaspora across the globe, looking for sustainable jobs. But some of us remained here. I opted to remain here. [ more…]

2008.11.14: Things To Do Before 40 [edit: 45]

I celebrate my birthday today, my 45th! When I was 30, I made a list of things to do before I was 40. Unfortunately, some of those things did not materialized that I gave myself another five years to do them. The next five years, however, I noticed that my priorities changed. [ more…]

Other posts: Reading | ’Riting


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