The Grey Chronicles

Grey Undertones

Rey Adel is also an active participant of the Internet community from his discovery of the medium in 1989. Ever since, the Internet provided him impetus to pursue an on-line writing preoccupation. In 1990, Rey Adel decided to launch a philatelic collection site hosted by GeoCities. He became a GeoCities Topic Master for Stamp Collecting, the Editor-in-Chief of GeoCities Tokyo Ezine, the Administrator of GeoCities Best of Tokyo pages. Issuance of his website’s monthly newsletter, replies to regular emails and guest book entries from philatelic site visitors further honed his writing skills.

With the onslaught of security issues which started its meteoric rise by the mid-90s, Rey Adel focus on the study of Internet technology, with emphasis on security. Also, while studying for his masteral course, he elected to write a paper on Information Security as a project for a Management Information Systems course.

Advocating Open Source, this section tackles mostly Open Source security software and their application to Windows systems. Interaction with the corporate Information Systems department, primarily as a critical user, Rey Adel wrote several memos on the implementation of corporate information and Internet security, based on experience, research and best practices. Several of these memos are quoted, analyzed and discussed in this blogs.

At present, Rey Adel is a Computer & Internet top contributor in Yahoo!Answers. Issues concerning the latter, especially on Internet security, are also tackled here. The blogs will tackle in depth the prevailing issues asked by Yahoo!Answers members, as well as real-life experiences in corporate information security management.


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