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National Steel Corporation [NSC] was the premier steel manufacturing plant of the Philippines. NSC was organized on 22 February 1974 from the assets of Iligan Integrated Steel Mills (IISMI) when the later was subsequently foreclosed by the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP). NSC acquired the cold rolling facilities of Elizalde Steel (ELISCON) in 1978 and its tinning lines three years later. In 1981, the National Development Company (NDC) assumed full ownership of NSC. Two phases of Five-Year Expansion Projects in 1983-1988 and in 1991-1992 brought steel production capacity from 151,000 tons in 1974 to 800,000 tons in 1988 then 1,200,000 tons in 1992.

Prior to liquidation, NSC’s manufacturing plant occupied 450 hectares in Iligan City and 11.8 hectares in Pasig City. Installation of a Corex slab-caster in lieu of a Basic Oxygen blast furnace, the purchase of a Continuous Annealing Line or High-Convection Furnaces, as well as Computerization Level 3 (the replacement of the Mainframes, purchase of Computerized Maintenance Management System for Facilities Management and SCADA for Utilities), among several others were planned and considered for the next Five-Year Expansion Projects.

Aside from being the country’s leading producer of billets, the raw materials for rebars and wire rods, NSC was the dominant flat-rolled producer in the Philippines and was the country’s only tinplate producer. Flat products consist of hot-rolled coils, hot-rolled plates, cold-rolled coils, and tinplates.

This was the scenario when this blogger was hired as an Engineering Management Trainee of NSC. A website,developed and maintained by Rey Adel, is devoted for EMT Batch 11.


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