The Grey Chronicles

The Grey, The Green & The Golden Orange

Steel Manufacturing blogs encompass Rey Adel’s recollection of his experiences while working with National Steel Corporation, the biggest steel plant in the Philippines. Rey Adel was hired as an Engineering Management Trainee in 1989, and became an Electrical Planner in 1995 until NSC closed in 2000. These blogs would form the bulk of ‘The Grey Ascendance’ pages. Retrospection of Rey Adel’s articles in the corporate magazine “The NSC News” would also be included.

During NSC’s liquidation, after the bankruptcy of NSC while held by private firms–Wing Tiek and Hottick–Rey Adel was rehired as the Team Leader, Technical Planning. These blogs would comprise “The Green Debacle” pages. Although much of the materials were based on  a particular Production Management masteral thesis submitted to a prestigious state university, it is desired that the blogs’ narrative would trigger public discourse of the referred events. Most of these were unfortunately excised from the formally written thesis due to stringent style requirements.

When NSC was acquired by Global Steel Holdings, Ltd [GHSL] in 2004, Rey Adel was hired as a Shift-in-Charge to the present. “The “Global” Chronicles, originally called “The Chronicles of Global” {as a parody of Narnia} includes Rey Adel’s observations, experiences and sundries during this phase. These blogs all based on actual events are culled from personal recollections or personnel anecdotes, included in here not to assign blame, find fault or connote negative thoughts, but rather to present real-life lessons on cultural differences, case studies on management or leadership styles, or humor taken with a grain of salt!

In 2005, Global Steel envisioned a corporate newsletter, “The Phoenix,” but it was never published because of editorial and managerial differences. Some of the blogs were supposedly ideas for newsletter articles, but the ink dried up before the phoenix could fly! Thus, instead of waiting for its resurrection, this blog would serve the purpose of an online venue to once again delve into the written, or should it be: encoded, word.


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