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Things Done At 45

Today is a special day for me, thus I am taking a breather from Travian, playing the game online or blogging about it. It is my birthday today. Exactly a year ago, I posted Things To Do Before 40 [edit: 45]. Here’s an annotated version of that post and some new additions.

1. Write a book. My novelette, “A Suicide Note From a Prisoner”, an autobiography I wrote about my PMA days, is still in its raw form. I have yet to finalize it although one journalist friend who have read it offered to be its publisher. Last month, October, my master’s thesis was destined to be featured in the usual thesis-abstract collection of applied research. As soon as I was graduated from the Master in Business Management [MBM] program, I have prepared an article for the two designated peer-reviewers, who fortunately were also my professors in several management subjects while studying and both were familiar with the topic of my thesis: National Steel Corporation. One even remarked:

“This may point out the negative effect of privatization a very efficient government-owned and controlled corporation and make our government officials be more judicious in their choice of investors.”

This review was very insightful. This was exactly what I had in mind when I proposed the topic, but my thesis advisers wanted me to focus on the production side of management and less on the privatization aspect of NSC. Question: Is privatization not part of production management?

2. Maintained a blog. From June 2008, «The Grey Chronicles» created a post for each single day until today. There were times that I might have posted late because of intermittent connection on this part of the globe. Some technophiles claim that it is a government gambit to make it appear that the Philippines really needed the ZTE-NBN deal even though it was mired in controversy. Still, I managed albeit late to post each day for 365 days and beyond. What I wrote in this blogs also became the particular cause of my Grey Day in September after professionally serving the company and its reincarnation for almost 20 years! The 15-day mandatory suspension included a legalese three-year moratorium of posting anything about my present employer. I really wonder whether Human Rights exist in the corporate scenario, especially in the Philippines. Research lead me to a series of posts on Loyalty and Integrity. Without work for exactly two months from 11 August to 11 October, I was without an internet connection as I can hardly afford an electronic-load for my Globe Visibility. Only relied with some loans from family and friends that I had to prioritize our ‘daily bread’ rather than this blog. Fortunately, after the only investigation conducted, our thirteenth-month pay (I lost count how many days this was delayed) finally disbursed to us; as well the non-remitted government-sanctioned employee deductions reimbursed, all of these immensely helped my family ease the pain of what they said and had claimed that primarily I have caused.

R.E.D.  Sleeping3. Another child. My youngest son is the only nearest thing that kept me sane and undoubtedly patient in these seemingly ordinary, yet eventful, days while my wife left me to work somewhere in the desert to earn some riyals. She would not have gone had the economic crises not gone global. I have became a father (again) and surrogate mother to my two other boys even though they are billeted and schooling far away from me. I have no doubt though that my parents, however elderly, and my eldest sister are taking good care and guiding their studies. I really enjoyed my third fatherhood, even by simply watching Power Rangers repeatedly in one sitting with my three-year old son, who remained here with me. There were times when my attention is really needed, I even opted to go on no-scheduled work or rest day, just to be with him.

IndiGo Airplane4. Visit another country. My trip to India for a technical visit in one of the steel mills there was a real eye-opener. I have not written anything about the sponsor-company but rather blogged about the
travel, my detox, and the spur-of-the-moment detour. There was a plan sometime during the plant shutdown to send me off again to study the maintenance scenario in another of their steel mills in Nigeria, but with the global economic crises raging high, I suppose, this was temporarily shelved. The latest news last August was not a shocker: I was not included in the final list to depart for Nigeria in the near future, whenever that was.

Amazon Books5. Finish reading at least one book per month. I devoured reading books during the plant shutdown, especially so when I was on “extended vacation” from 11 August to 11 October. Some of these readings have been featured here as posts, especially those related to business management, leadership, or engineering. My stacks of magazines—steel manufacturing, internet security, power engineering, web technology, and my other interests—also are often times made as references. I do intend to sustain this blog, as it became personally cathartic in these trouble times. I just hope that readers will keep on coming back as I, dull and ignorant as the poem Desiderata entreats, do have a story. Live to tell!


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