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Tracing SmartBro, Again

Yesterday’s post was based on data taken in the morning which usually is the peak time for SmartBro subscribers to be on-line. Thus, for the sake of fairness, the following data is from the presumably off-peak, or lean, time for the SmartBro subscribers to be on-line. Most of these snapshots were taken between 01:00 H to 04:00H (01:00 to 04:00 a.m.).

To verify which IP Address was this Compaq Presario 2100 Notebook was connected to, tested out SpeedGuide’s Security Scan,

SpeedGuide Security Scan

The IP Address is within the address range from to specifically assigned to SmartBro. Proceeded with the similar tests for using the same sites as yesterday. Hereunder are the results:

Using the speed test, powered by OOKLA Net Metrics, shows that my SmartBro connection is now capable of 1447 kbps (180.9 KB/sec transfer rate) download and 60 kbps (5 KB/sec transfer rate) upload speeds. Both speeds are considerably faster than yesterday’s results of 223 kbps (27.9 KB/sec transfer rate) download and 34 kbps (4.3 KB/sec transfer rate) upload speeds.

SmartBro Speed Test @

This translates into a download index of 9.18Maps, slightly decreased from yesterday’s 9.19Maps,yet still is much better than the average APEC index of (8.86Maps).

Using, the results are:

SmartBro Speed Test @

Today’s 1.91 Maps download speed, and 0.07 Maps upload speed are slightly better than yesterday’s 0.22 Maps download speed and 0.05 Maps upload speed. Moreover, yesterday’s 236 ms Ping was a tad lesser than today’s 260 ms Ping! Better confirm this with a PingTest.

SmartBro Ping TestCompared to yesterday’s 0% Packet Loss, 572 ms Ping, and 77 ms Jitter, the results shown right from, which determines the quality of the broadband Internet connection, i.e., 10% Packet Loss, 275 ms Ping, and 94 ms Jitter, are worst than before!

The difference might be explained by the change in server: yesterday it was a server in Cebu City, but for this test the server was located at Mandaue City. Thus, SmartBro was rated F – Very poor again.

Taking the offer from to ‘Test to other servers to confirm.’ and selected the yesterday’s server based in Cebu City, and it returned: 12% Packet Loss, 873 ms Ping, and 905 ms Jitter! Aha! Yeah, it is confirmed!

Maybe there should be another Pingtest rating, such as FFF, for the Poorest of the poor just for SmartBro! Mental suggestion to Pingtest: change ‘Rate your ISP’ from 5-star rating to thumbs-up/thumbs-down, and maybe I will vote, and give a 100 thumbs-down clicks for SmartBro, just for this!

In AuditMyPC, moreover, the results are:

SmartBro Speed Test @ AuditMyPC

Today’s 653 kbps download speed, 26 ms latency and 42 kbps upload speed are generally better than yesterday’s 319 kbps download speed, 42 ms latency 68 kbps upload speed. Although the upload speed decreased by as much as 61% compared before, the download speed increased by a 104% from yesterday. Moreover, latency—the delay or time consumed sending a packet from a node and receiving a response from the recipient— was about halved, i.e., today’s latency was much faster than before.

These results [Click here for the graphical summary of the tests.] might confirm that there is a lesser number of SmartBro subscribers connecting to the Internet during the particular times in this research: (01:00 to 04:00 a.m.). Be that as it may, the above shows that generally, during these so-called off-peak hours, the download speed is MUCH FASTER, the upload speed SLIGHTLY BETTER, but the Ping is INCREDIBLY WORST! Better surf in the day time during Peak-Time or early morning during the so-called off-Peak? Think again.


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