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Tracing SmartBro

According to SpeedGuide, TCP/UDP are mostly open to a host of potential security threats. Just for the sake of testing whether the ports in my Compaq Presario 2100 were vulnerable, I tested out SpeedGuide’s Security Scan, and the results (aside from finding NO open ports) are:

SpeedGuide Security Scan

IP Address IP Address is traced to SmartBro. Eventhough my Notebook is physically located in Iligan City, it is served by SmartBro from Cebu City. SmartBro address range is from to Apparently, this IP Address uses a remote port: 5499, with a keep-alive connection at 115.

My interest turned to testing SmartBro, instead and hereunder are the results:

Using the web site’s speed test, powered by OOKLA Net Metrics, shows that my SmartBro connection is capable of 223 kbps (27.9 KB/sec transfer rate) download and 34 kbps (4.3 KB/sec transfer rate) upload speeds.

SmartBro Speed Test @

These speed metrics translate into a download index of 9.19Mbps, compared to the download indices from Sep 5, 2008 – Mar 7, 2011 in EU (12.84Mbps), G8 (10.92Mbps), OECD (10.86Mbps) and APEC (8.86Mbps). Thus, my download is much better than the average APEC index? Accordingly, the value is the rolling mean throughput in Mbps over the past 30 days where the mean distance between the client and the server is less than 300 miles.

Using another on-line test, this time, which verifies if an Internet service provider is delivering the connection speed they promised, the results are:

SmartBro Speed Test @

SmartBro Ping TestThis is also the same test used by PLDT, the parent company of SmartBro. Intrigued, decided to find out more about Packet Internet Grouping [ping]. determined the quality of the broadband Internet connection. Unfortunately, SmartBro was rated F – Very poor. “Real-time Internet application performance will suffer greatly on such a connection.” Aha! This might explain why most of the time, browsing for streaming media, voice, video communications, and on-line gaming becomes a frustrating experience.

In AuditMyPC, moreover, the results are:

SmartBro Speed Test @ AuditMyPC

Aside from that, using AuditMyPC’s Internal IP Address, which used “Java to grab the information and then pass it on to the server”, revealed that my external address is, which also traced back to SmartBro.

As to latency, Walker News, explains it more eloquently that I could. Another article can be read off-line, which states: Latency is basically the delay or time consumed sending a packet from a node and receiving a response from the recipient.

Speed ratings depend on specific factors including the number of users currently connected to service, server load, line quality, and many others that are directly or indirectly affecting the test. The three test would suffice for this purpose. Thus, the average speed over these three tests: 254kbps download and 50.6kbps upload. My SmartBro Plug-It is configured at 36Mbps.

Snapshot Using ipconfigUsing the command ipconfig, SmartBro assigned a dynamic Client IP Address: for this connection. According to, in terms of Bandwidth*Delay Product [BDP], the TCP Window limits my Internet connection to: 2621 kbps (328 KBytes/s) @ 200ms, and 1049 kbps (131 KBytes/s) @ 500ms. Meaning, the two BDPs specify the amount of data that can be in transit in the network.

Have you tested your Broadband Internet connection lately?


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