The Grey Chronicles


Travian comx2 Ends, Part II

Travian comx2: Village 01: Resources FieldsThe second Village, 01, (-296|6) was settled last 23 August 2010. The village’s resource fields were three [3] each of wood, clay and iron, but with nine [9] crop fields. Near this village was a 25% clay and 25% crop oasis, as well as a 25% wood oasis and a 25% crop oasis. Except for the loe 25% crop oasis, the two other oases were successfully annexed to this village. Click below to see expanded map.

Travian comx2: Expanded Map

Travian comx2: Village 01: Buildings OverviewThis village became the springboard of my nine other Villages nearby. Two other Villages, 02 and 05, were expanded using Settlers from this Village. The third slot for the Residence was reserved for a Senator.

Similar strategy was used to create the Buildings. Initially, Main Building to level 5, create a Residence. Academy to level 5, create the Blacksmith then the Stable. Stable at level 5, researched Equitis Impertoris. When the Main Building reaches level 10, increase Residence to level 10, Rally Point to level 10, then the Academy to level 15. The levels and capacities of the Warehouse and the Granary were ruled by the total capacity of the Crannies. No use of overflowing Warehouse and Granary capacities which was a sure magnet for prospective farmers.

With Main Building to level 10, slowly increase the levels of the Resource fields. As soon as one field reached level 10, create the respective mills: Saw Mill (Wood wood), Brickyard (Clay clay) and Iron Foundry (Iron (iron). While each resource field has yet to reach level 10, the slots for the mills were occupied with Crannies, instead. For some other villages, the Grain Mill and/or the Bakery would be necessary, thus they were built as soon as one Crop crop field reached level 5 and level 10, respectively. Note: for Village 01, these two buildings were not built because the Crop crops were overflowing!

As written in the previous post, Village 01 was subjected to Senator conquering about four days before this server ended but was successfully repelled by higher Armour and Weapons level of respective troops from other villages. During my game at com10, one Alliance officer pointed out that it is never necessary to build in each Village an Academy, Blacksmith, Armoury, Barracks and Stable because they will only be using more resources ineffectively. Probably, this statement apply to Villages other than a 3-3-3-9 or 1-1-1-10 wood-clay-iron-crop configuration. With my Village 01, the second village from the Capital, acting as the main Village in this part of the Travian map, the aforementioned buildings would be necesary if this and other Villages of mine would be able to fend off attackers. Anyway, the Academy could be razed once all the troops have been researched (including the Senator), while the Blacksmith and the Armoury could also be deleted once every troop’s weapons and armour, respectively, reached level 20, making them formidable offensive and defensive troops per se! Prior to the Senator attacks, the all troops have been completely improved in the Blacksmith, while only the Legionnaire (level 4), Equitis Legati (level 14), Battering Ram (level 7) and Fire Catapult (level 18) remained for upgrade, respectively, in the Armoury! Lesson learned: It is not useless to build an Academy, Blacksmith, Armoury, Barracks and Stable for each of the Villages!


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