The Grey Chronicles



  1. The crop production for the three (3) level 14 crop field is at 635 units per hour each, and the three (3) level 15 crop fields is at 800 units per hour each. Total crops produced for these six field = (3 x 635) + (3 x 800) = 1905 + 2400, or equivalent to 4,305 units. In addition to the higher levels of these crop fields, there is a 25% crop increase with Grain Mill at level 5 and combined with a Bakery an increase in crop production of up to 50% can be achieved, or roughly 6,458 crop units at one time. In the last month of the server, my account also conquered a 25% crop oasis. The snapshot was taken unedited (except for the non-essentials such as the white borders and other Travian graphical links) the day after the game ended.

    Comment by reyadel — 2011.May.6 @ 11:10 | Reply

  2. the screenshot of the village is fake. even with a 15 cropper with 150% oasis, those level fields, and both level 5 crop production buildings, there is no way your displayed army would still leave you with positive 3000+ crop production. /fail noob.

    Comment by joe from tampa — 2011.May.4 @ 19:41 | Reply

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