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Travian 3.6 on Server1 [ph1] Update

While Travian ended in Server 10, in the Philippine Travian Server 1 which also features Travian v.3.6, the end game is starting. Recently, plans for the Wonder of the World have been released in ph1, but the consolidation of the various Alliances into supra-alliances has yet to to be seen. During the month of September, reverberations of some moves into a consolidation of wings into a greater Alliance have been in the air, but a few weeks later, the consolidation itself fizzled out after another proposed meta-Alliance targeted the former.

I even left my own Alliance, which I have been a member since the last nine months, because of some personal differences. The leaders wanted us, Alliance members, to support another Alliance members gunning to take control of a Wonder of the World, but that other Alliance would not care to declare either a Confederation or Non-Aggression Pact [NAP] with my former Alliance. Huh?!? Many of us left, including some leaders, and joined one Alliance in consolidation mode. I have recently rejoined my former Alliance after a brief stint in the other when I found out that the latter was much disorganized than the former.

In my Server 1 [ph1] account, in preparation for the end game, the Armoury [Balutian] and Blacksmith [Pandayan] had already been maximized to level-20. Viewing the Travian Help files, a player would be surprised to find out that upgrading, the Armors in the Armoury and the Weapons in the Blacksmith, takes a lot of training time for each type of troop.

When I lost in the recently concluded game in Server 3 [ph3], I vowed to make these troop upgrades in the next server I played. Apparently, the result of that change in strategy is proving itself this time around. My Server 1 [ph1] Capital, although sustained attacks and raids, had been successful in defending against these marauders, gypsies and thieves. Most of these aggressors stopped imminent attacks after finding out what the Capital was capable in terms of defense.

Travian Server 1 Update: Armoury [Balutian]Last 06 October, the last item in the Armoury [Balutian], the Fire Catapult, was finally upgraded to level 20, and it took 43 hours and 47 minutes to complete. The Fire Catapult was not prioritized because the Wonder of the World needed more Praetorians, the defensive Roman foot-soldiers than Legionaires, the most basic Roman foot-soldiers; Imperians, the Roman attack foot-soldiers; Equitis Legati, the Roman scouts, which need two [2] Crop crops per unit; or any other cavalry types, for that matter, consuming more crops than the scouts.

One Alliance leader insisted in Armoury upgrades, although our Alliance had no plans for a Wonder of the World. The Alliance Founder had second thoughts in pursuing one because of personal commitments in real-life. So, probably our Alliance will stick to the original plan of supporting another Alliance’s quest for a World of Wonder with neither the benefit of a Confederation nor even a simple NAP. Good for them, bad for us! I still say.

Travian Server 1 Update: Blacksmith [Pandayan]In the Blacksmith [Pandayan], moreover, it was only last 20 October that the Fire Catapult was completely upgraded to level 20. Since the restart of Server 1 [ph1], troop’s weapons upgrades were deemed important, but half-way in the game, the armor upgrades were prioritized.

I was probably impressed with the spider graph explanation in the Travian Toolbox: Troop Comparison emphasizing weapons upgrades are obviously important at the start of the game rather than armor upgrades. The upgrades for Equitis Imperatoris and Equitis Ceasaris were first to be completed, followed by all the foot-soldiers: Imperians, Legionnaires then Praetorians, in that particular order. So far, team mates needing reinforcements have benefit from such upgrades.

Similar to my Server 10 account (see: Travian 3.6 on Server10 [com10] Ends, Part V), my Villages in Server 1 are also found in two locations, although all of them are in the same quadrant, south-west, with a ten-hour distance. Similar troop upgrade strategy was applied in the second Village, 02. At this point, Fire Catapult is yet to be completely upgraded to level 20 in both the Armoury [Balutian] and in the Blacksmith [Pandayan].


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