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Travian 3.6 on Server10 [com10] Ends, Part IV

Travian 3.6 Server 10 [com10]: Wonder of the WorldThe North supra-alliance, a.k.a., meta, won Travian 3.6 on Server 10 at 12:46H last 16 October. In the race for the Wonder of the World, the top five [5] were North meta members! The +North+ – Renaissance Lords, which I was a member, supported the top four [4] bids, namely Sallah El Din, Vintiliukas, Lord Aslan and jamie0957. My account supported Lord Aslan’s quest.

My journey in Server 10 was highlighted with four [4] Alliance membership changes. Originally a member of Prodigy, a few days after sign-up, but unfortunately the leaders of that Alliance quit after six months. Some selected WKnight4, formerly Prodigy, members, including my account, were absorbed by !._WK_02 on May 2010.

While with !._WK_02, the leaders appealed that in order to survive, all former members of WKnight4 were advised to create additional villages in the North-Western sector or quit the Alliance. Knowing that a Roman account cannot survive the game without an Alliance, I sped-up the creation of a village located near most !._WK_02 members. Although my first North-Western village (-277|2) was about nine hours one-way from my second village at (381|-53), it was 20 hours from my original capital, 0.Good Friday Curse (37|-69).

Fourteen days later on 19 May 2010, right after the founder of !._WK_02 quit the game, my account was invited to join WDW_WK01. After another fourteen days, on 29 June 2010, WDW_WK01 alliance plus members of another Alliance decided to form WK 99!. During my membership with WK 99!, there was a lull of attacks from my big-time neighbor of my capital, 0.Good Friday Curse, as WK 99! had a Non-Aggression Pact [NAP] with some confederates of my constant attacker, a member of ONE meta.

Come July, when WK 99! leaders brought to the table the choice between joining C or L®dZFR, both meta-Alliances were gunning control of the northern hemisphere, there was a lengthy discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of these choices. The southern hemisphere was dominated by ONE. Some Alliance members vowed never to rejoin if WK 99! became as wing of L®dZFR. I was very vocal about letting bygones be bygones and supported the dominant of the two in the northwestern quadrant, L®dZFR. A week later, WK 99! officially became +North+, one of the wings of North WW, formerly L®dZFR.

Travian 3.6 Server 10 [com10] Ends: Map of Villages

Under the +North+ Alliance, settled two [2] additional northwestern villages and conquered most Iron iron, Wood lumber, Clay clay, and Crop crop oases adjacent to my five villages. My Capital, 0.Good Friday Curse, being situated in the south hemisphere was bombarded with raids and attacks by members of ONE and its cohorts. Some of these aggressors got minuscule resources or suffered considerable troop damages which effectively stopped the raids. Lesson: When ONE is bigger than the forest, ONE cannot see the trees.

Once, my Capital’s constant attacker made a sneak attack on my Iron oasis which I offered to relinquish in exchange for some sort of a personal non-aggression pact with my capital. Fortunately, most of the essential Roman defensive troops have been completely extended to level 20 in the capital’s Armory and the Blacksmith, respectively. He agreed. Lesson: Better give up the oasis, a small prize and small price to pay, than loose the Capital.

Yet, as soon as my Capital’s constant attacker noticed that my account was now allied with North WW, he fired an In-Game Message [IGM] telling me that I made the wrong choice, particularly the wrong Alliance then resumed his ten-wave of catapult attacks three times a day. I wrote the +North+ leaders stating that any day now my Capital, 0.Good Friday Curse, will no longer exist in the southern hemisphere. As predicted, I lost 0.Good Friday Curse a day after I declared the newly settled southeastern village as my capital. Weeks prior to the completion of the Wonder of the World, my account had fortunately conquered another village nearby owned by a former WK 99! who chose to disassociate himself from us. Lesson: There is no palabra de honor among thieves.

So when the North meta won Travian 3.6 on Server 10, I was tempted to gloat and thought of sending an IGM to my constant attacker to say: Did I really made the wrong choice, or have you? Tempted, but I did not do such a thing! No need to pour boiling acid on a gaping wound. The OneWorld meta, composed of ONE and its wings, which dominated Server 10 during most of the initial six months of this game ended with nothing. Three of its bids to build the Wonder of the World were effectively reduced to ashes, and I was part of that effort, in my own little ways, to keep them there! Lesson: In war, initial territorial dominance is not assurance to complete victory without the good ole TLC: Teamwork, Leadership and Cunning. These attributes were exhibited by the North meta and I was glad I was a member of the latter than the trying one! [Pun intentional!]


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