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Surprisingly, Nothing Changed!

First day from a very long vacation, and I thought I would be in for a good surprise. It’s a New Year, and supposedly things would have been renewed, methods were changed, and resolutions of the old to better ways. But unfortunately, the same old manners were still there, as if it were teaching an old dog new tricks, the dog remained unteachable.

People remained complacent, accepting the ways of old as if these were the best anyone could hope for. Probably with the past five years of things being as they were, they have seemingly forgotten to hope for better things. The same old complaints were still valid; similar old ways have been sustained, others turned from bad to worse; and apparently the end to all these is a long way coming.

At least in my homecoming to my birthplace, I have seen something new. The Cebu seaport have much improved security and within the seaport, at least, albeit surprisingly easier traffic flow. Gone are the solo proprietors, overeager hawkers, and boastful fixers that caused traffic jams, melee, and chaos inside. What shocked me was that some particular Cebu taxi drivers were not as courteous as before: some were choosy with their fares. Shorter distance trips, such as from the SM Travellers’s to the Cebu seaport, were ignored especially during the rush hour. Others were asking twice or even thrice the official fare rates for virtually a ten-minute ride.

Last Monday, while waiting for the 15:55h flight for Cagayan de Oro to be called, my son and I searched the Manila Domestic Terminal for someplace to eat: with good food at inexpensive price. Coffee at ₱40, and it not even brewed (or at ₱4 per sip); brewed coffee was priced at ₱120. A small bowl of hot noodles at ₱80; and even a 350ml bottle of mineral water costs ₱25 (or at ₱0.07 per ml). We settled for some slices of chocolate cake at ₱48 each, coffee for me and pineapple shake for my son. He wanted a serving of spaghetti, but we found nothing.

As usual, the 15:55H flight was delayed, we taxied the runway for take off at 16:30H. Even with the recent expansion of the Terminals, the planes are still delayed probably because of vintage air traffic controls? Or something other than the controls were the problem?

Maybe I am getting too old faster than I really am that I am turning critical to all these things I do perceive: see, hear, taste, feel, sense. But is it not an old saying that with age comes clarity? Wine is better with age. Even the local vintage, the lambanog, is better with age.

Unlike others who have become enamored with their willful blindness, ignoring things that should have changed for the better but did not, I have become more observant of these things. If there was something I could do to change it—by way of suggestions or recommendations—using this blog or talking with responsible persons, I rather not remain a silent witness or a mute victim.

During the previous year, somebody tried to silence my written protest. For the past days, I have stepped away from the maddening crowd and became a detached observer. Even though for a month, this blog have not had a new post, I remained cognizant of the fact that what I have observed on these post-less days are indelibly etched in my subconsciousness and hope that someday they will be written and posted in «The Grey Chronicles».

My readings still continued to the present day. With the long vacation enjoying the lazy but exciting days with my three sons and my siblings during the Holidays, I have postponed the transformation of my reading notes and my own take of the insights of the various books I have read into appropriate posts. Fortunately, my older posts in the «The Grey Chronicles» have sustained the readership to a comfortable level. Also, the comments have been pouring in especially on my posts on leadership, management and about the Filipino.

During the long vacation, my three sons—especially my youngest—took center stage of my daily activities. Blogging was relegated into a suspended dream. Maybe I only related to the saying that Christmas is for children. In 2008, I celebrated Christmas far away from my other two sons because of circumstances that later proved to be ominous. Thus, last December became a celebration of two Christmas holidays. And it was all worth it!

Coming back to the place where I work, I was hoping that some things were changed. Unfortunately, virtually the same unspeakable things that confronted me before are still there. On my ride to the workplace, a co-worker commented that Filipinos are really a happy people. I believe I added that Filipinos are obstinately forgiving. Many would just laughed it off instead of confronting the obvious. What would one get if one goes against common wisdom? Nothing, but frustration! Better laugh than risk a heart attack, they claimed.

Unfortunately, complacency does not change things for the better. Leaving them as they were, bad things or methods will ultimately become worst. Bad habits become vice. An unattended leak is an insignificant item in a dam.

When rumors turned out to be the truth, is complacency still the answer?


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