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After posting about my Travian Experience, a reader offered a glimpse on an incoming The CEO Game, purportedly similar to Travian. The CEO Game is designed to become one of the serious game, which Wikipedia defines as:

“A serious game is a game designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment. The “serious” adjective is generally appended to refer to products used by industries like defense, education, scientific exploration, health care, emergency management, city planning, engineering, religion, and politics.”

The CEO GameAccording to its own The CEO Game Blog, aside from being present on Facebook and Twitter, among other social networking sites:

“The CEO Game is an online business simulation, based on the concept of Serious Games.”

“The CEO Game is a business game in which the user is the CEO of his own company and competes against other users in a virtual environment similar to the real economic world. As the CEO, the user manages different aspects of his company (HR, R&D, Marketing, Finance etc) and decides where to lead his company.”

“… the [gamer] acquires knowledge of many important issues in the life of a CEO. … The key factor is that there is no formula that leads to success. There is no right or wrong, as long as the CEO achieves his goals.”

I immediately signed up to access the beta-version of the game which will be released on 01 January 2010. The alpha version of the game was released in October. I even left a comment saying: “I can’t wait for the beta release!”

Browsing the site, I also read some of the The CEO Game Blog about everything on management and leadership, much the same as my chosen topics. There is also a link to a page about Writing For The CEO Game and immediately contacted the published email address for the possibility of using The CEO Game’s graphics and content in «The Grey Chronicles». The Writing For The CEO Game page also specified that The better you are [as a writer], the more readers you get, the more you promote us — the more you earn by sharing in the income we earn from advertisements. Although tempted by the come-on, but until I am able to play at least the beta version of the game, I hold off applying for a writer’s job. Just what I did with Travian, although I played it for sometime, it was only this year that I was able to find confidence in writing about it.

Some authors claim that business is war! Others offer that even war is a business. Incredibly, some war tactics and strategies have been applied in management; the most referred of which is Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. Even the political treatise of Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince (1972) have been quoted time and again, especially on marketing and decision-making.

In my Travian Experience, the creation of buildings for the Travian Village is tied up with the available resources: Wood (wood), Clay (clay), Iron (iron) and Crop (crop)! Possibly, in The CEO Game, a similar one would also be featured: cash, bonds, loans, stock or something; or, possibly sticking with the obvious four M’s: material, machine, methods, money?

In Travian, the player upgrades the resource fields, aims at higher levels of the military installations, and creates military troops. In The CEO Game, the upgrades could come in terms of education and training for managers, equipment capacity expansion, new management technology or favorable credit ratings?

In Travian, the player wages war or raids a nearby Village; joins an Alliance, or play alone. Possibly, in The CEO Game, the player engages in hostile takeover, economic espionage, or personnel piracy; joins a conglomerate, or also play alone.

In Travian, there is the preferred customer called the Travian Gold users and the Travian Plus features. Freely accessible, some Travian players play the game for free. Possibly, in The CEO Game, the same feature would also be available.

Most Massive Multiplayer Online Games [MMOGs] are really money-making ventures. Otherwise, the host company could not just rely on advertising revenues to tackle expenses of the servers’ operations and maintenance. With its most recent upgrade to version 3.6, Travian was the recipient of pros and cons, more on the contrary, overwhelming the Forum on the debut of that version on its com10 server.

All these are merely my speculations as I have yet to preview even the alpha version of The CEO Game. Unfortunately, although the site stated that the alpha was released this October, the latter version is not available for download or preview.

Yet, I really cannot wait till the New Year to take a shot at being a virtual CEO!


All Travian resource icons taken from Travian help files.

Machiavelli, Nicolo (1972). The Prince. New York: Pocket Books, 1972. back to text.

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