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The Travian Romans Are Attacking! Part IX

Roman LegionnaireThe fourth day of my raids to neighboring villages, I have already about 10 Legionnaires, four more than yesterday. With ten attack troops, moreover, there will be a tendency that the loot efficiency will be smaller compared to small number of attack troops. With the Server recently started, most Villages are still building up installations, thus only inactive members would have accumulated more resources. It would be fortunate to find one good Village farm. I have viewed the Travian Server COM10 statistics and only most of the top 50 players have created their second villages, and the top ranked player in terms of Village population has about 901 citizens distributed among his [or her] three villages. The No. 1 Village is one of two villages by the eighth player overall. Interestingly, the player with the No. 1 Hero, now at Level 6 with 2249 experience (kills), only ranked 15th among the top Villages.

COM10 Attack Logs: 20 - 30 November 2009

The figure shows the graphical Attack Logs of my Village from 20 to 30 November. The panel above shows the relationship of Loot Efficiency versus the number of Attacking Troops from my Village and those defending the attacked Village. The panel below shows the stack of loot per resource type taken from the Defenders’s Village.

This day began with an early morning successful raid to my benevolent Teutonic farm. It netted 33 Wood (wood), 33 Clay (clay), 33 Iron (iron) but NO Crop (crop), the resource my Village was needing the most! With ten Legionnaires consuming a Crop (crop) each plus a  (Hero) eating six per hour, my crop production was nearing maximum. I have yet to build a Grain Mill to increase crop production but my Village crop fields are stuck at level 3 and 4! It was necessary to offer either my excess production of Clay (clay) or Iron (iron) to the Marketplace.

The second attack for the day was to a nearby Roman neighbor, but the raid yielded no loot. My next target was another potential farm, a Teutonic Village, but my raiding party only gained 5 Wood (wood), 5 Clay (clay), 4 Iron (iron) but 1 Crop (crop); a meager 3% raid efficiency! Two succeeding raids on other Teutonic farms also produced nothing. Probably, these villages were already nearing with the completion of their respective level 10 Crannies.

With my farms producing lesser than before, I resolved to research for probable farms outside my 7×7 sphere. For that, my Village would have to create an Equites Legati, the Roman Scout on horseback thus more faster than the Legionaire, the basic Roman foot soldier. Otherwise, using the Legionnaires to gauge the prospective Villages would be too long a delay and too costly in the long run. Soon my Village’s Stable was up, after upgrading the Academy to level 5, but being a Roman it would take a longer time to research for Equites Legati.

I come to accept that I should have probably upgraded the resource fields to level 3 prior to all these. With my last of four Crannies still inching up to level 10, upgrading military installations and creating troops is really becoming a strain due to lack of needed resources. Yet, in retrospect, I developed this sense of patience waiting for my Warehouse to fill up the needed resource then do what is necessary to build.


All resource icons taken from Travian help files.

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