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The Travian Romans Are Attacking! Part VIII

Roman LegionaireOn the third day of offensive incursions to neighboring villages, I decided to make true to my declaration yesterday of creating more defensive troops. Probably it was just pure luck that my last defensive stand happened five days ago, and now my Village is the one attacking instead of doing just defensive action. But at the back of my mind, if my Village cannot upgrade the troops from its present level, there will come a time that my previous attackers after my beginner’s protection wore off will come back to finish me off. If that happens, then it will be deja vu of my experience at Philippine Server 2!

COM10 Attack Logs: 20 - 30 November 2009

The figure shows the graphical Attack Logs of my Village from 20 to 30 November. The panel above shows the relationship of Loot Efficiency versus the number of Attacking Troops from my Village and those defending the attacked Village. The panel below shows the stack of loot per resource type taken from the Defenders’s Village.

For my first attack for the day, I returned to the Gallic Village within my 7×7. The same as before, my attack troops gained nothing. I tried viewing the profile of my Roman Farm but unfortunately, the player already deleted his account.

I focused my attack on my Teutonic farm. Two successive attacks, three hours apart gained a loot efficiency at 100%, and each attack went home with 77 Wood (wood), 95 Clay (clay), 78 Iron, twice! Moreover, my Teutonic farmer did not have enough Crop (crop) to bring home to my Village. Be that as it may, I added another Troop for the next raid.

I revisited the first Village I raided on this server as described in a previous post. This time around, my attack troops now one more than during the first attack for the day, the loot efficiency dropped to 48%, with a bounty of only 48 Wood (wood), 48 Clay (clay), 48 Iron.

When my troops came back, I immediately sent them back to the Teutonic farm, the subject of two successive attacks narrated above. The player must have been online for my troops got only 16 Wood (wood), a meager 5.33% loot efficiency versus the carrying capacity of 300 resources.

I needed to look for other Villages to farm. With one good Roman farm deleted, probably fearing the Alliance declaration which states:

“Our aim is to destroy everything in our path. Are you in our path?”

When I was asked to join the Alliance, I immediately previewed the Alliance profile and was glad that the founder, Rahul Singh [yes, he gave his permission to use his name], one of the top players in Server 2, is also playing Romans. I wrote back that it was really a privilege to be invited, although I have not stated that I appreciate the fact that he was also playing Romans. In Travian, only a Roman can understand being a Roman.

In my Travian experience in most Philippine Servers, I formed an opinion that Romans are diplomatic, disciplined and cordial tribe; and the person playing the tribe also possess these same qualities. Yet, mind you, given the time, Romans are as aggressive as the Teutons and as strategically adept as the Gauls. Moreover, I observe that when an Alliance is headed by a Teuton, the leader virtually displays the same characteristics as the Teutons, attack regardless of consequences. More in the sense of birds of the same feather, flock together.


All resource icons taken from Travian help files.

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