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The Travian Romans Are Attacking! Part II

Roman LegionaireEarly on 16 November, an invitation from a big-population neighbor provided me an opportunity to join a rising Alliance, meeting all the self-imposed criteria I made before. Upon joining the Alliance at 06:50H GMT, I found out that the Teutonic player who killed my Village Rat was also a member. Viewing the Alliance attack logs, this player is down from 14 Clubswingers—during his attack on my Village—to only three, eight days later. He continually attacked other Villages within his 7×7 sending only not more than three Clubswingers, and sometimes all of them became casualties.

After my beginner’s protection wore off, the next three [3] attacks waged by two players were also members of the same Alliance. Probably, a blessing, but I could neither retaliate against the latter nor attack the one who killed my Village Rat as it would be tantamount to getting kicked from the Alliance. Will just wait when they decided to remove themselves from this Alliance . . . only then I could initiate a retaliation.

Viewing my sphere of influence, the 7×7 area where my Village was located, I was now surrounded by my Alliance co-members with one or two non-aligned. Most Gallic neighbors were not invited to the Alliance and no wonder as these Villages are defenders by game design. Thus, I hoped that in the coming days there will be a semblance of silence of the guns which would gave my Village an opportunity to strengthen the troops and create more troops aside from building the essential military installations. This would prove my notion that joining an Alliance as early as the Travian Server start could also be advantageous, if and only if, the leader—who will remain anonymous, for now—really knows what he is doing and guides the team toward attaining the Alliance’s goal of supremacy.

Apparently, one insistent Teutonic farmer, the one who attacked my Village twelve times while I was offline between 13 to 15 November, did not hear the news. He again attacked my Village on or about 4:34:13H with 6 Clubswingers incurring one casualty, then repeated the same act at 10:42:31H with 6 Clubswingers with similar result. No loot taken.

An hour later at 11:45:42H, a faraway Village attacked with 20 Legionaires. This was followed with three waves of attack from the same player with 10 Legionaires each until 23:10:08H. All these four incursions from the new attacker came up with nothing gained. Meanwhile, as planned, I had already created a Hero—a simple Legionaire—configured with a balance of offense and defense bonuses plus a 5-per-day regeneration ready for his very first kill.

When the day was done, I still have two Crannies to upgrade to level 10. I prioritized doing that after building an Academy, an Armoury and a Workshop, to prepare for the building of a Stable. With my Village surrounded by a majority of Alliance members, I was confident that it would be an aggressive player who would test the wrath of the Alliance by attacking one of us. On the downside, with most Alliance members concentrated in this area, the possibility of us attacking the same non-aligned players within our 7×7 would be too great thus I searched the next 7×7 surrounding my area of influence for possible attack targets.

The graph shown above (edited to add the solitary attack on my Village for 17 November) is evident on the reduced power of the Teutons. Maybe this was the big players in the Test server forum have been claiming all along? While the Romans have been attacking neighbors with greater number of troops, at least in my Alliance, the Teutons were raiding with only less than 10 Clubswingers. The Romans are becoming the farmers early in the game in this Speed Server with Travian v.3.6, whereby the infamous Teutonic farmers have seemingly became timid if not destined to be in the same league as the Gallic defenders. Not that I am inviting big Teutonic players to attack my Village, but it is interesting to note here that seemingly the Teutonic raider instinct have been diminished in this Travian version. Yet, it is really too early to tell.

Incidentally, most of my previous attackers have not visited my village except the two shown above. Yes, the seven attacks shown above came from two players. Probably, with most members of the Alliance surrounding my Village became a deterrent.

I had this mischievous feeling that if only my Filipino Travian colleagues could see me now.


All resource icons taken from Travian help files.

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