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The Travian Romans Are Attacking!

Roman LegionaireIn my previous post, I have written that most newbies opt to play Romans in Travian, a web browser war game. I consider myself no longer a newbie having played the game for almost two years now. The first three months, I signed up for Server 1 but focused on just learning the rudiments. I poured all my efforts on reading the online help files and forums rather than playing the game. Aside from baby-sitting my three-year old son, I usually play this addicting game in my spare time. After the completion of the game in Server 8 where I played Teutons, I immediately signed up on 06 November for an account in the international server, com10, where the Travian v.3.6 is on test run, I again opted to play my favorite tribe, Romans.

My Travian experience in the Philippine servers varied from devastating defeat to considerable recovery after a seemingly endless barrage. My defeat in Server 2 was probably ascribable to that fact that I signed up two months after it started. Common knowledge from Travian players that a player should sign up preferably within a week from the server start. Most Travian Gold users sign-up during the first 24 hours. My fate in Server 3 was doomed from the start whereby a probable Travian Gold user attacked my Village with catapults on the second month; and it was only on the fourth month that an Alliance finally invited me to join. Moreover, with the lackluster commitment of the Alliance leaders, members were soon on the receiving end of constant attacks that many of us left the Alliance after the Natars appeared. In the Speed Server, although the big Alliance members took turns attacking my singular Village after my attempt to revive a dysfunctional Alliance starting 25 October until I was invited to join a supra-Alliance on 08 November, I now believe that I have a chance to finish the game along with the winners.

Before I signed up for the Server 10, I immediately resolved to change tactics and strategies. Hereunder is a plot of my Village performance for ten days from 08 to 16 November 2009 after my beginner’s protection ran out. On or about 07:08:24H, one Teutonic attacker—as expected— came with 14 Clubswingers versus my Village Rat and the Quest Master’s required two [2] Legionaires. Darn! All my defenders died in the blitzkrieg! With my self-imposed rule not to upgrade any resource field until I have a level 10 Cranny, it took a while to create another Legionaire. Fortunately, the Rat killer moved on, after taking 294 Crop (crops) as loot!

COM10 First Ten Days

COM10 First Ten Days

Two days have passed, I still could not create defensive troops! Instead of waiting, I upgraded the Crannies, and built some military installations. On 11 November, three attacks from Roman players came. Without defensive troops, I let them do their jobs. First attack for the day, 4 Legionaires. The second and third attack for the day came from the same player: first wave with 6 Legionaires, then followed seven hours later with 5 Legionaires. Probably, having gotten nothing on the first wave, he proceeded to attack another Village other than mine but incurred a loss of one of his Legionaires. All these three attacks resulted with no troop or resource losses for my Village. At the end of the day, I was able to create a singular Legionaire.

In the afternoon of 12 November, five Clubs came swinging by. My Legionaire dead as well as one troop of the attacker, yet looted some 130 Iron (iron). On 13 November (Philippine Time, i.e., 8 GMT) after creating three [3] Legionaires, I logged off to prepare for my birthday celebrations. The same Teutonic attacker revisited my Village thrice that day. At 07:03:16H, 4 Clubswingers attacked, one survived without loot. At 10:46:52H, 3 Clubswingers looting nothing. At 15:10:36H, again with 3 Clubswingers with a token loot of 14 Wood (wood), 17 Clay (clay), and 39 Iron (iron).

Although I managed to peek prior to the arrival of my birthday wishers in Real Life on the 14th and while nursing a hangover early morning of the 15th, I was deliberately off-line from 13 November to 15 November. Apparently in my Travian Village, two well-wishers celebrated with me. One Teutonic player, an obvious Travian Gold user, attacked my Village with 36 Clubswinger and 3 Axemen took a loot of 455 resources. Another attacker, a Roman, probably a Travian Plus player, also took 322 assorted resources. Happy Birthday to me! Thanks for the offensive visit!

For the two-and-a-half days I was offline, eighteen attacks waged on my village from six different players resulted into 612 Wood (wood), 629 Clay (clay), 632 (iron), and 78 Crop (crop) losses for my Village. With that loot, I could have built a Residence for my Village. In Travian, a Residence is essentially a small palace, where the monarch lives while visiting the Village. I planned to build my Palace in much farther area than coordinate 0|0 where all the big players congregate and as early as now, I have already found a suitable place for that.


All resource icons taken from Travian help files.

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