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Have Travian Gold, Will Attack, Part VIII

For the past whole week, I have tried to describe herein my Travian experience, which in its entirety not quite unique in a sense that many others before me had already encountered. I offered, however, another viewpoint focusing my efforts on diplomacy, which was not entirely new but rather often unwelcomed in Travian if not most of the time. I am pretty amazed that some players are human enough to see the folly of such offensive actions to a struggling village.

Furthermore, I have also focused on my revised strategy on the international server where Travian version 3.6 is being tested. One might argue that the promising results of such change in strategy might also be due to the revision of the Game Rules, but similar changes in strategy were also applied in international speed server account with almost similar outcomes. I do not intend to continue in the international Speed Server but rather only test it out to prove that the strategic change was also applicable to other servers.

Although I have subsequently deleted my account in Philippine Server 2 because of the circumstances in my Real Life prove more important than the game, I learned that often times players are open to any diplomatic move if you talk some sense into them. Unfortunately, others are stuck with the viewpoint that this is a war game thus diplomacy is not needed here.

In the Philippine Server 3, my solitary Village is still constantly attacked by three cohorts of a particular Alliance which was then negotiating a confederacy or merger with our Alliance. At first, only my village was the target. I wanted to warn others that if they finish destroying my village, anyone will be their next target. I pleaded for assistance from the Alliance X leaders for additional crops as they have totally destroyed all my crop fields from level 9 to zero, only one Alliance leader responded. Others were oblivious to the fact that any attack on the weakest member of an Alliance, for this instance my Village, could bring down the whole Alliance itself. After two weeks of daily numerous attacks, the aggressors started attacking others in the Alliance that by the week’s end, one by one Alliance members—even designated officers—quit their membership. I thought teamwork meant cooperation, for this Alliance, though it meant to each his own?

In the Speed Server, after a week becoming a member of a supra-Alliance, my lone Village was attacked on two instances by members of the wing of the supra-Alliance. I dismissed these ’friendly fires” simply as welcoming caresses or an inadvertent click of the mouse? Be that as it may, I have successfully built three settlers and they are travelling to a far away place to build my very first ‘second’ village. I bid them godspeed!

It has been over a week that I have started an account in the Travian version 3.6 hosted at COM10. Incredibly, my Village became a recipient of only nine incursions, including a Teuton who killed my Village Rat and the customary two Legionnaires. Maybe with this new version, the power of Romans have been enhanced that my Village was subjected to three Roman attacks, but unfortunately got nothing. Before I retired to bed, a Teutonic attack with 36 Clubswingers and 5 Axemen got 18.88% of the available resources. Aha, a Travian Gold user, I supposed.

In all these servers which I have an account, I found that more incredibly, some players act as if their whole lives, the Real one if indeed they have one, depend on their success in this virtual game. Some others have spent Real money and precious Real time just winning a Virtual War. Of course, it is some sort of a personal achievement to be honored as the top attacker for the week, but I rather find it rather ludicrous being the top robber of the week. Hey, could you use that in your Resume? Oh, you are still a teenager spending your parents hard-earned money for an online-game? Lucky you, spoiled kid! If only your parents knew what you have been doing meanwhile telling them you’re online doing a research for your homework! I really wonder what would become of “our future” generations, if playing a game becomes the center of their early lives? I do hope that Global Innovation Outlook 2.0 reforms the way we see these online games.

While playing as a Teuton, it is rather expected to be one of the notorious robbers and plunderers as per Travian game design. I believe in Real Life, it is not considered an achievement to do what was expected of us? Taking a simple example, if a student having completed the first grade is expected to be able to construct a simple sentence and be good at it, do we give medals to the Top Ten first graders just because they could construct a simple grammatically-correct sentence?

Generally, Travian statistics show that new players usually opt to play Romans 50% of the time. A quarter of each server players might opt for either Teutons or Gauls. It is rather amazing that if only 25% of all the players in a single server are Teutons, ever wonder why this particular race lord over the majority? Is the game then flawed to favor the Teutons? Or did Travian creators make it appear that playing Romans is ideal for beginners so that Teutons would have all the fun? I guess, playing Romans is a bit of a challenge: long training times of more expensive troops, and for a beginner, once the attack from the aggressive Teutonic tribes commences, or farming the Village to a point of un sustainability of the Roman buildings, the beginner becomes frustrated, feeling dejected and the possibility of making the account inactive, quitting for good, or deleting the current account then signing up again to switch to play another race is probably greater. Maybe if all the Roman beginner-players banded together in the first place, they might have a fighting chance to see the likeness of the formidable Natars. Unfortunately, Alliances were not designed to be purely race-exclusive.

Travian Gold BarsEach tribe has its own strengths and weaknesses, as Travian creators claim. But with the introduction of Travian Gold, and Travian Plus, the game became a money-grabbing game, as some observers are wont to claim, and they added that it tilted in favor of those who can pay. Thus, to create a semblance of a level-playing field, Travian creators introduced version 3.6 to cater to big spenders as well as to hook those who have not yet played the game. We shall soon see . . .


The Postscript for this series will be posted when the Wonder of the World in the Philippine Server 3 and Speed Server have been built, respectively.

IBM (2006). Global Innovation Outlook 2.0. New York: International Business Machines Corporation, 2006. pp. 20—21. back to text

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