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Have Travian Gold, Will Attack, Part II

As discussed in my previous post, the release of a new Travian version, 3.6, currently being tested on three servers specifically com10, tr9, and asia5, the worried comments on the recent changes from most of the big players and a number of Travian Gold users are understandable. I guess these players have become experts on these lesser versions that they just would not want to loose their edge. Change is really unnerving to some, or simply not welcomed by others.

Back to my own Travian experience in the Philippine speed server, with attacks from the big players still on-going on my solitary village, disabling my chance to create Senators to build other villages, or upgrading the Heroes’ Mansion to level 10 which would enable me then to conquer oases nearby (unfortunately all the available oases within my 7×7 have been conquered by members of the supra-Alliance). My former attacker, who is now a friend, sent me an In-Game Message [IGM] regarding her request to their Alliance leaders of my impending membership.

Even though, I persevered, sweated and toiled with the revival of Alliance X, it was as though a losing proposition. I was toying with the idea to just assign my sitter as the new member of Alliance X, make him an officer to enable him to carry out the duties for the Alliance X-Redux, but if I accept the membership for the supra-Alliance, I worried that I might not be able to help them—my former colleagues in the original Alliance X—survive any incoming onslaught, added to the fact that the artifacts had already been released and the Natars were scouting villages left and right. Viewing my respective colleagues’ profile, I found out that their respective capitals have expanded to two to three villages, even without any alliance helping them. Meanwhile, I was stuck with just one. If they did that without any help, then I believe they would be okay without the revived Alliance X, anyway. Thus, I decided to accept the membership for the supra-Alliance. If you can’t beat them; join them!

Once a member of the supra-Alliance, I thanked profusely my friend, who recommended my membership, and extended the same gratitude to the Alliance leadership. In my mind, at least for now, I have a fighting chance to see through the end of the game, much like what I had in the international server. Yet, on the back of my mind, I felt a tingling sensation that I have turned my back from my colleagues in the original Alliance X. Stop worrying! I thought, then justified it with the fact that most of the former Alliance X leaders abandoned us to rot anyway.

Meanwhile, on my account at Server 3, my village there was incessantly attacked by a member of a larger Alliance. Although, I wrote him an IGM for a similar plea, he replied that a proposal with their Alliance P and ours were on negotiations. I once wrote in our Alliance forum a biting commentary on this issue, stating that if Alliance P was proposing a confederacy with our Server 3 Alliance X, they must be really joking with that proposal as only my village was being brought to its knees by a member of Alliance P. One of the Alliance X officers cautioned me on sending the attacker another IGM stating that This is war!

Unfortunately, I never subscribed to the idea that war is only about the strength of troops whereby diplomacy is out of question. Most wars in the real world ended with diplomacy, not the scourging defeat of the enemy’s troops (except of course, the war on terror). In my Travian experience, I really believe that diplomacy is ever present and particular instances attest to its existence in this virtual world.

Apparently, my village attacker is a newbie, or had not had the chance to pore over the game rules and strategies such as those included in the Help files, such as Conquering Villages: Attacks, to wit:

Hint: You can only conquer a village when the residence or palace is destroyed, you have enough culture points, the village you are attacking is not the capital and not the player’s only village.

He cannot even efficiently timed his numerous attacks to disable my Village’s capability to rebuild. At one time, he used Rams and Catapults totally destroying my Granary back to its 800-capacity default, then a second wave also destroyed the Warehouse. I was able to at least rebuild these two buildings, thereafter he also used catapults to destroy the crop fields. Right afterwards, he sent in five waves of attack from his other villages to loot for resources. Tsk, Tsk, he went home losing some troops but never gotten a single loot. I still had four Crannies up to full capacity, and used Gold to augment the defense of a singular Hero.

Why am I writing this? Probably one commenter’s signature block says it all:

“[T]here is no fun in a game like Travian without mocking your enemy.”

As pointed out in the Travian com10 v.3.6 forum, Travian Gold will probably play a staring role in winning that server; thus some non-gold users predict that the new version is much more favorable to Gold users than ever before. One revealing comment, moreover, emphasized:

“We have to remember that Travian is a business and somebody has to PAY for the servers. The ones that pay for that are those of us who use gold. Players who do not use gold are, frankly, just here to make the game more interesting for us. Travian is not a charitable organization.”[Original Emphasis.]

To a few, Travian became their life; to some players maybe their only life (who would have thought that somebody is online 24/7 just playing a game?). Many others forget that Travian is a game, not REAL life. I really wonder how many of these virtual, self-declared military strategists or self-proclaimed military geniuses had ever experience a real life war with real guns a blazing, or even a mock battle with real guns but wax bullets? Lucky that they are only waging war right in the comfort of their airconditioned rooms atop an ergonomic arm-chair. Is this the future?

Some even had the temerity to teach an old dog some new tricks! I’m just playing for fun!


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