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Have Travian Gold, Will Attack: Part I

Previously, I have posted my analysis on the revival of a dysfunctional Travian Alliance X in one of its Philippines-hosted servers. The aftermath of such revival became somewhat like a Baptism of Fire for my Travian village, whereby the biggest Alliances took turns in attacking my solitary village for days, beginning 26 October 2009, seemingly without stop. In my exasperation, I posted a blow-by-blow report on the successive attacks from the first day until recently, the latest just this morning. While I was in Server 2, I kept meticulous notes of the date, time and offensive troops of my incessant attacker there. I had this urge that once I have the troops to muster strength, I could go on head-to-head with his attacks. I was wrong: Rams and Catapults wreck all buildings and upgrade I have built for a month and without an Alliance then, I was alone, helpless and vulnerable. I have already deleted my Server 2 account after a month starting at Server 3. As of today, the Natars are roaming in Server 2, Server 3 and Speed Server.

Yes, I definitely learned something from my poor performance in Server 2. But, however, I tried to apply I was spurned by those Alliances in Server 3 for the first few months. Only in the fourth month was I invited to join one, Alliance X. When a speed server was broached for the Philippine version of Travian, my Server 3 Alliance X leaders also was enthusiastic with bringing the Alliance X members and forming a formidable team in the Speed Server.

With the Server 3 Alliance members holding respective accounts in Servers 1, 2, 3; only a few of us ventured to the Speed Server. From the original ten Alliance X members from Server 3 enlisting on the Speed Server, by October only four of us remained active then one by one subsequently left Alliance X, including those original Alliance X leaders in Server 3, who initially became the Alliance leaders in Speed Server. Having sought and given permission from Alliance X leaders in Server 3 for the revival of the same in the Speed Server, I christened it Alliance X-Redux. My purpose was to at least regrouped the remaining, yet scattered, members. When the Alliance X-Redux was revived, the other three former colleagues remained non-aligned.

With continuing attacks from the biggest Alliances in the Speed Server, it would have been selfish of me to include my non-aligned colleagues into the cross fire, thus I resolved not to invite them YET. Even our old confederates, two members in another Alliance, also hoped to join the Alliance X-Redux but was put on hold for the time being that attacks have been raging on my village where the embassy of the Alliance X-Redux was situated.

In all these commotion, I have befriended one of the attackers, who was kind enough to see through the cross fire. She was the one who once attacked my Village; destroyed the Granary; backtracked after belatedly reading my plea; then sent me resources which my default-capacity Granary could no longer handle. With my Granary always overflowing, yet now with smaller capacity, during one of the attacks, having nearly depleted the crops for buildings but with high production of other resources: lumber, mud, and iron overflowing the rebuilt Warehouse; I sent her some resources instead of them being lost to Travian oblivion. Her village was much nearer to my Village, thus the sending of resources was almost instantaneous that subsequent attackers looted a meager amount remaining in the Warehouse. I also sent the allowable hour production of resources to my son’s account about 2 hours away from me. After my spur-of-the-moment resource sending to one of her Villages, she broached the idea of me joining their newly-formed supra-Alliance after the Natars were released on Speed Server last 31 October. Although, I suggested only for a probable confederation with her supra-Alliance, as my other colleagues were waiting for the resumption of the Alliance X-Redux, she was already off line thereafter. I guess she brought the attention to the supra-Alliance leader, and that they are discussing it.

Incidentally, I also wrote to my other attackers and their replies were almost tongue-in-cheek. Having been asked how old I was, I proudly claimed to my real age and one sixteen year-old player wrote: “You’re too old for this, get back to your real life!“ Spoiled brat! Youth? Yet, I let it slide: So when people get to the my age, they are not allowed to play online games? Who decreed that? Is the Internet only for the young? Had she thought who really invented the Internet or the browser, where Travian is made possible? These revolutionaries and mavericks were not teenagers, except maybe a few of them, when they made these great things that she and I are using! I thought. Every In-Game Message is shown as either read or not. Once the receiver clicked on it, the copy of the Sent ISM is shown to the Sender as probably read. A few others merely ignored by In-Game Message, although there was proof-positive that they have clicked on the link, probably because of my “highfalutin” statements, as one claimed, deleted it but had not read it. Ironically, how would one know if the words used were “highfalutin”, if he had not read the message? Again, Youth? or simply a case of a recidivist liar? Aha! A fish is really caught by its mouth! Or simply a maladroit writer.

While waiting for a reply for my proposed confederation between Alliance X-Redux and the supra-Alliance, I wandered off to my international Travian account. The World of Wonder had been built and the game was already completed for that Server, and the leader of my Alliance wished to meet sometime in the future or in the international speed server opening today; or test Server 10, which was brought online 04 November. Interestingly, I have already visited the forum for Server 10, and many prospective players have complained of the several changes in the game structure, called version 3.6. Many of the Gold or Plus Travian players were either dismayed, annoyed, disappointed, and predicted that v.3.6 might be the death/end of Travian, whereby it looked like a Sim City game rather than “a battle of power, coordination, intelligence, etc.” Comments ranged from: 3.6 version killed farming; took away the Teuton advantage; made HUGE boost for Gauls; (what no improvement/s for Romans, except the existing two simultaneous building and resource upgrades?); win by Gold, not skills; instant return likened to time-travel; the lameness of auto-dodge; level the playing field between newbies and gold users; hunting of multiusers and illegal bots—third-party scripts emulating Travian Plus. Someone even calculated that the new Travian version equates to more money for Travian developers rather than more challenges for the players. Ironically, 41 pages of comments more against than for COM10 with version 3.6 even prior to the start of that server! What was revealing was the one post from PorkLoin, who stated: “… I’m 50 years old and still learning version 3.5.”

Did some teenager really just said “I’m too old for this!” Here’s my one proof that I am not the only one, although I have yet to reach that age!


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  1. Thanks, very informative stuff here.
    Keep it up


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