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Animated Suspension

Suspended Animation, per Wikipedia, is the slowing of life processes by external means without termination. Breathing, heartbeat, and other involuntary functions may still occur, but they can only be detected by artificial means. It is common particularly in Science Fiction. Outside of science fiction, cryonics—a method of life preservation freezing organisms using liquid nitrogen to preserve the organism until reanimation—has almost never been applied to humans for more than a few hours. Suspended animation is commonly used in fiction to transport individuals from one time period to another. Suspended animation has also been used in the film Demolition Man and the Tekwar novels as an alternative method of containing incarcerated criminals.

At first, I thought during my suspension that I was alone. Yet, despite of my self-declared incommunicado status, an outpouring of support from family and friends as well as readers of «The Grey Chronicles» continued to visit the site and hinted their sentiments. Some commenters made it known that not everything was lost. Friends offered various types of help from researching on cyber libel, due process, labor code, management discretion, some even offered legal aid or advise; while still others gave pointers on how to deal with then unfolding circumstances. My immediate family also relayed their hopes and apprehensions as we exchanged emails or short messages about my situation almost every day. Alternative jobs were also discussed and suggested but only a few were connected to Electrical Engineering.

Through the most of two weeks, I have not stopped blogging. Maybe just to prove the fact that there were other topics under the sun which I know about and could blog about, other than the one particular topic which put me in this bind. Furthermore, the stack of unread paper-based magazines: Time, Newsweek, The Economist, The New Yorker, Harvard Business Review, PopSci, PC World, PROFIT, and a host of e-book formats such as RAND Review, Democracy Journal, [IN]SECURE, Free Software Magazine, and the various journals at Emerald Insight which I have accumulated in the last four years is now much thinner than ever before. I still continued my daily readings, but I added topics more in connection to my present circumstances and the impending “future”. I also was able to finish about ten novels from my growing collection of pocketbooks, the product of my Book-of-the-Month Club membership as soon as I had some disposable income from NSC but discontinued when the latter closed. I know that one of these days, several of these readings might turn up to be included in some future posts. I even had the time to plan some sort of an editorial schedule for future posts until December. Other than reading, I had the leisure of uninterrupted watching some DVD collections such as the Prisonbreak series from Season 1 to 4, that is after my youngest son would let me have the remote control after watching for the nth time his Power Rangers and, lately, Mr. Bean!

Yesterday, my post described the domestic scenario with my youngest son during my unscheduled prolonged vacation. Even though I dreaded the day when it was time to report back to work because I have not heard an iota of news about the company for sometime, I just went in, claimed my identification card and retrieved my bulk mails, which piled up since last 10 August, or 42 days ago. I don’t know if I missed some issues of my subscribed magazines but I had not seen any magazine wrapper with my name on it without the magazine. The latter usually happened during the rotation schedule when I reported back to work after sometime without. Whoever is now reading my magazine, I just hope that he/she could learn something from it, apply it in their daily lives and maybe be kind enough to return the magazine to me after digesting it.

Incidentally, I also became an enthusiastic online gamer and developed some online personality devoid of my real life predicaments, yet I hope that I have not developed into some kind of Internet Dogs! I learned that one can vicariously live a life online and deal with people, probably most are much younger than me but more intellectually and behaviorally mature than some whom I have met and known in real life situations. At least online, I was surprised to discover that diplomacy is not dead, teamwork and collaboration are both feasible, and strategies are really debated and planned. Online gamers, coming from all walks of life—from baby boomers to GenX to YouTube generation—are really of a different breed. Of course, being older, I imparted some insights to my team, the so-called alliance, from one of my readings, such as for example:

“Massively multiplayer online games [MMOGs] enable thousands of players to interact, compete and collaborate with one another in real time. Players must make rapid-fire decisions based on multiple and constantly shifting inputs. Invariably certain individuals emerged to set direction and shape the success of others. … This also raises an intriguing possibility for a better approach to increase productivity: fun. Imagine if employees were addicted to their work as they are to these games. There may be a a vast well of energy, effort and creatively that remains largely untapped if employers continue to make strict divisions between work and play.” (IBM, 2006)

Most agreed that what we were collectively doing was just a game, but I suggested that at least we can learn from these online games and these lessons might also be applicable to our real lives.

Thus, probably instead of suspended animation, my life during the past 17 days was all along: Animated Suspension!


IBM (2006). Global Innovation Outlook 2.0. New York: International Business Machines Corporation, 2006. pp. 20-21. back to text

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