The Grey Chronicles


Written Explanation, Page 2

Grey DayWhat the «The Grey Chronicles» presented in each post is but an attempt to summarize the various interrelated issues in a single page or series of posts thereby freeing readers from searching and sifting through the billions of available pages on the Web. The posts containing the name of GSPI, GSHL and its CEO, Pramod Mittal, should be taken in the full context that they are presented. Dissecting each such that only the perceived negative connotations are highlighted for the purpose of prosecution is a myopic view of reading a post, or following a blog for that matter. The blog was created and all posts were written in good faith, balanced with differing ideas, and if ever readers find these contrary or has verifiable alternative facts, they are freely invited to comment. Unfortunately, as of this writing, I only received very few comments from some whom I believe are local GSPI employees. Yet, comments from various people agreeing with the post’s viewpoint were a substantial number. The blog, not claiming to be a monopoly of ideas regarding said entities, is only one versus a cacophony of voices and viewpoints.

The circumstantial fact as an insider does not necessarily mean that I personally know all what goes on inside the plant. Thus, the topics I chose to blog about are subjects, events, or observations I certainly knew or personally know about, augmented by research, reading, and application of my acquired knowledge, skills, and abilities. I, therefore, disagree with the notion that as an insider, my solitary voice is really given weight by blog readers, of independent minds, whoever and wherever they may be. Thesis writing taught me to present undeniable arguments substantiated with qualitative and quantitative facts. These facts per se, the message, should be given more weight rather than the author, the messenger, of such arguments. Facts used by the blog are extant in various web sites; cited by books, magazines, and news articles; waiting to be read, digested and analyzed by someone in the whole interconnected world. One, with an Internet browser, only needs to use Google or Yahoo to do so. Unfortunately, as contained in the posts in question, most are uncomplimentary to the GSHL and subsidiaries, especially in various locations where its investments are or were substantial. If republishing such extant information were detrimental to the business interests of GSPI, I did not spread these messages per se, but rather collated them in one site. Many local employees, including some management staff, might have read it openly or secretly, and are therefore also liable for deliberately or unwittingly passing the same information (even the mere mention of the blog’s URL) to others, whereby the blog gained considerable following at GSPI; thus, tantamount to the same violation that I am currently accused of.

A lesson I learned by heart from a military academy: Loyalty is a quality earned, never demanded, through mutual respect of fundamental and individual rights, and constant communication between superiors and subordinates. Often times more painful than lies, Truth cements Loyalty. Truth motivates Teamwork. Continuous improvement only comes after realization and acknowledgement that there is definitely something missing. This is essentially what the blog is all about. If that ‘something missing’ had been truthfully highlighted and brought to the open by «The Grey Chronicles», neither my sincerest and genuflecting apologies would seemingly be enough nor a retraction of the posts. The corporate Code of Discipline-mandated punishment virtually began even prior to the preliminary investigation by deliberately excluding and literally defacing my name from the preservation team schedule for the month of August and beyond. This is definitely a great anguish I and my family of four would have to bear, amidst the current global economic crises; yet it is a very small sacrifice for the silent majority of GSPI employees wanting the very same improvements in their economic lives: not delayed salaries or paid by installment-basis; children delisted from school; withheld sick leave conversion; unremitted government-mandated dues; and the perceived uncertainty of GSPI’s future, leading to the brain-drain of highly-technical Filipino experts; all these issues were topics on the said blog.

I am but a small voice and already said my piece; I beseech and pray to God that Management would do what it promised to do in 2004: “We are committed to do the job (operating NSC) efficiently. We are not here to go back.

The Aftermath

With my youngest son in tow because nobody was home (my wife in Manila looking for a job; my mother-in-law was supervising the third death anniversary of my father-in-law; and my nephew was at school; the neighbors were also in school or at work) could watch him, the abovementioned Written Explanation was hand-delivered to the office of the Division Head on/about 15:00H last 19 August 2009. He suggested to read the explanation first himself while I wait; but I begged off citing that my son was waiting for me outside the office as the Gate Guard, claiming that it was against company regulations, would not permit me to bring him along and wanted me to leave my son at the Guard House. The Gate Guard then suggested that I could use a guard vehicle and just leave my three-year old son with the driver once we reach the Division Head’s office.

It took them 12 full days to read, digest, analyze and decide the merits or demerits of my Written Explanation. On 31 August 09:45H, I received, through a courier, the Disciplinary Action – Fifteen (15) Days Suspension effective September 1-17, 2009. This event is highlighted in another post, entitled: Grey Day in September.


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