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Written Explanation, Page 1

Grey DayIn response to the GSPI’s Code of Discipline violation lodged against me: Use of any media/ email services to pass information or spread messages detrimental to business interest of company or to threaten employees and their families or spread misinformation, I hereby offer the following explanation:

I have readily [1] admitted in the preliminary hearing/counseling conducted last 13 August that I, [name deleted], a.k.a. Rey Adel, is the author of «The Grey Chronicles», hosted by WordPress. But to clarify, I have [2] not admitted that the posts and information contained therein were detrimental to the business interest of the company; otherwise, there would really be no need for an explanation. These two facts are not synonymous. As of that date, the site contained some 401 posts and pages, with topics ranging from Steel Manufacturing, Production Management, Internet Security, the Philippine Situationer, and Thoughts on Recent Readings.

The blog is a personal, non-profit, and sole proprietorship site. It was an offshoot of my GeoCities pages which I started in 1997. I only started blogging on 16 June 2008. With the plant on semi-operational mode, I was able to devote some time to the requirements of the blog. The posts were written at home, and posted through broadband or Internet cafes. Until October 2008, the blog’s posts consisted of the pre-final draft of my master’s thesis, plus other parts which were excised from the final copy. The thesis was successfully defended at MSU-IIT last 26 September 2008. The final copy, however, is not available for public consumption, awaiting publication by MSU-IIT.

With the corporate newsletter, The Phoenix debut on hold since 2005, thus the initial purpose of my blog was to be an outlet for my writing, a venue for my freedom of expression, my own voice. The blog became a diary of events in plant or at home, my reaction to national events, my recent book or magazine readings, or my simple literary attempts (essay, critique, or prose). I did not deliberately advertise my blog anywhere in the plant site, but possibly by word-of-mouth it reached some local employees, as the blog is also readily found through Google search. Within a year and two months of existence, the blog is regularly visited by about 100 regular readers from different countries such as the USA, Canada, India, the Philippines, among others; and the number of visitors surged to its highest on 11 August, two days prior to the preliminary hearing.

Comments from readers are encouraged. An Akismet plug-in is installed which automatically filtered remarks considered by the plug-in as spam (e.g., multiple URLs). I have limited control with any reader’s comments, i.e., only to delete duplicates of the same comment from the same reader. Other than that, a reader has a free-rein on what to comment—disagreeable or not to the post’s viewpoint. This is the true essence of blogs: interaction with varying viewpoints.

Contrary to all presumptions, the blog is definitely NOT ALL ABOUT GSPI. I only spend an 8-hour, five days per week at the plant, prior to the 04 December 2008 plant shutdown. I believe the remaining 16 hours are still my own time. Out of the total number of posts, only about 24% mentioned either GSPI, GSHL, Ispat, Pramod Mittal or a combination of these terms. The articles containing these terms are NOT all negatives.

Most posts consist of gathered facts, analyses, then whenever possible, recommendations and/or suggestions for improvement. The facts were gathered through research from various resources readily-available on the Internet, books, magazines, working papers and appropriately referenced as URL links under the Notes section. The analyses are entirely mine, although quotes from complementary ideas came from similarly referenced URL links. The recommendations and/or suggestions are also mine, applying lessons learned from my present and previous personal experiences from work, from education, and in life. More often than not, these recommendations and/or suggestions were also offered through proper channels during section or division meetings; by way of reports; or personal conversations with IT, Management Initiatives, or Human Resources personnel. I do not have direct access to top expatriate management.

The format for the critique and my reactions on book and magazine reading consisted of synopsis, analyses and application to my life, GSPI, or the Philippines, whichever is appropriate. I personally believe that all our readings should be applied to our own lives and, if helpful, to others; otherwise what’s the use of reading? The analyses and application are entirely mine, plus references in quotes bolstering its perceived application to the myself, GSPI or the Philippines.

The full responsibility for any error, mistake, or omission is entirely mine. Every post also has a Disclaimer containing the words: The posts on this site do not necessarily represent any organization’s positions, strategies or opinions; and unless otherwise expressly stated. There is also the blog’s self-imposed ten rules published last 01 January 2009, entitled A New Year; New Rules, which states: Rule 1: These are individual interactions, not corporate communications. I know it in my heart that I have abided by these self-imposed rules, loosely based from IBM Blogging Policy and Guidelines, which GSPI has yet to devise if it is sincere in its effort to tap employees’ ideas for corporate improvement. I tried not to blog on topics considered objectionable or inflammatory, such as politics or religion, except when such abstract ideas are mentioned in some posts because of their pervasiveness in our lives.


Second Page of Written Explanation will be posted tomorrow.

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 LicenseDisclaimer: The posts herein do not necessarily represent any organization’s positions, strategies or opinions. Read the full version of self-imposed rules for this blog: A New Year; New Rules. Unless otherwise expressly stated, the posts are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.
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  1. Good Evening from India and you may be keen to read this please . . . . . .and would love to hear from you too.

    Comment by Veeresh Malik — 2013.December.17 @ 15:15 | Reply

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