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The Power Rangers: As Seen on TV

Grey DayFrom my first-born son to my second-born, now both teenagers, then to my third son, now three-years old, all of my sons became fanatic of the daily fare on television: The Power Rangers, a kid-oriented series featuring three or six young adults, wearing either black or grey capes, with incredible powers—mythical, mystical or technological. These teenagers are transformed into Power Rangers by invoking a series of martial maneuvers with “you-only-have-to-believe” incantations.

I remember when I was little, the regular afternoon delight then was the Japanese cartoons, such as: Astro Boy, Voltes Five, Thunder Cats, aside from the usual Batman and Robin or Superman, the animated series. My father had this strict sense of allowing us, me and my three sisters, limited TV viewing time. We also had a stereo component which was turned on from 06:00H to 11:00H, to quote my father: “to be abreast of the local events” then the TV was switched on before noon to watch Student Canteen and switched off after that. Cartoons were only available after school time. Cable TV, although already available then, was to pricey to be affordable for my father’s teacher salary. My mother was a simple, yet proud, housekeeper. Yes, she used the word “simple” not the politically-incorrect term: “plain” housewife. She is a degree holder in Home Economics; and, she can really bake and cook!

With my kids, probably with the 24-hour availability of Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon on cable or satellite TV, competing with the all-day news coverage on CNN, BBC or Fox, or the movie re-runs at HBO, Cinemax, Hallmark or Sony Entertainment, the television is part of their daily schedule. Of course, play is also part of that schedule, specially during weekends.

Play could be running like a headless chicken around the yard; inline skating, roller-blading, skateboarding or bicycling around the barangay; tumbling and cart wheeling in the bedroom with the mattress as the trampoline and the carpet as the site of the gymnastics. Their play could also be computer-based: off-line or on-line. Off-line games ranged from the simple Bejewelled and, of late, DOTA. My kids on-line games started with Pokemon and now, in vogue, is the various role-playing games [RPGs] or massive multi-player on-line games [MMOGs].

Red Power RangersReturning home from these real and virtual plays, sweating or red-eyed, as the case maybe, is incredibly timed with the start of their favorite afternoon show, Power Rangers. With my youngest son, however, with the proliferation of DVD collections, Power Rangers could be shown on demand. The signs of these interconnected times? Alternately, when I am on-line, a regular feature of these times would be a visit to the various Power Ranger sites, especially You Tube which also show a compendium of video remixed or mashed-up from the various television series. Other times would be devoted to browsing the web for new Power Ranger images searchable through either Google or Yahoo!

With my teenager sons, when they were still toddlers, my wife and I also showered them with action figures, costumes and masks, and other paraphernalia connected with Power Rangers. Each one wanted to be the Red Ranger, the squad commander.

Usually, while I am editing my blog posts and my wife busy with household chores, my youngest son would be watching Power Rangers on TV, eating some cookies and drinking his milk.

With too much time on my hands, and not wanting to argue about changing what is shown on TV, I recently sat down with my youngest son and we both watched some episodes of Power Rangers SPD, the one showing an Orange Ranger, personified by some SPD technician named Boom, who did not make the cut for the “A” squad after a three-day Power Ranger training. The “A” squad is led by, as usual, the Red Ranger, with the Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink Rangers comprising the rest of the group. The Green Ranger has this “annoying habit” of unnecessarily repeating words for emphasis much to the irritation of most of the other members. At another episode, the rest of the team left the Green Ranger all by himself talking to himself. In the end, the Orange Ranger proved to be a figment of the imagination of Boom.

Much like the story of my life, if you know what I mean.


Image of the Red Power Rangers re-sized from the original image from Power Ranger web site, available through Google Image Search. Copyright remains with

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