The Grey Chronicles


Grey Day in September

Grey DayWhen I was still a homesteader at GeoCities starting 1997, I advocated the celebration of Grey Day. Every year at 00:01 UTC on 1st of October, home pages of web sites all over the world supporting the idea of Grey Day were replaced with special grey pages for 24 hours.

For years, Grey Day brought attention to the problem and to educate people about copyright issues on the World Wide Web. More often than not, previous copyright violations result from either ignorance and/or laziness of other webmaster, who instead of providing new content or appropriately linking to the original source, only managed to copy verbatim, pilfered, or plagiarized web pages, including images or similar graphical illustrations.

With the pervasiveness and popularity of web blogs, however, only remnants of the Grey Day advocacy remained on-line. Unfortunately, the last time I looked, even the Grey Day web site is no longer on-line. Nowadays, Creative Commons licences creators to choose a set of conditions—attribution, share alike, noncommercial and no derivative works—they wish to apply to their work. With software going the Open Source way, through GNU General Public License, GNU Lesser General Public License, QT Free Edition License, Apache License, Mozilla Public License [MozPL], IBM Public License, and BitKeeper (Rosenberg, 2000); similar initiatives, such as GNU Free Documentation License or Open Content License are also available for the written works.

Grey RibbonToday, however, this blog is preempting the Grey Day by a month because at 09:45H yesterday I received through a courier a memo from my direct superior announcing the start of a disciplinary action of fifteen (15) days suspension beginning today, 01 September, until 17 September (Sundays, of course, excluded). The image of the Grey Ribbon shown right will be posted in this site each day for the whole duration.

Accordingly, my written explanation received on 20 August was evaluated and found not acceptable thus I have violated the company Rules of Conduct regarding the “Use of any media/email services to pass information or spread messages detrimental to the business interest of the company or to threaten employees and their families or spread misinformation.

During my suspension, I will not be allowed to enter the plant premises; and I also surrendered my company-issued identification card to the person serving the notice. Moreover, a three-year prescriptive period from yesterday, 31 August, was included as a reminder that the commission of same offense be punishable with dismissal and that the disciplinary action is without prejudice to the right of Management to file a legal action against me in order to protect its interest.

I have already described the ominous events leading to this day in a previous post, as well as the day before that, thus I will not reiterated the same things in here.

The Grey Ribbon symbolizes a fitting daily reminder to myself that I am alone in this suspension; that I purportedly brought these events to myself and consequently to those who depend on me; and that I have to suffer the prescribed punishment for my perceived “disloyalty”. I am fully aware that a legal action might be pursued to protect the business interests of the company, thus it is also a periodic cue to prepare myself for such eventuality.

I am declaring a self-imposed no-communication (phone call or short messages through cellphone, and the like) from me to all employees still on-duty therein beginning today until the 17th.

My suspended life will still go on with a fervent hope that someday the greyness of things will be transformed into light. I beseech God to grant me the courage and temerity for the things that I could change, but also wisdom and serenity to accept those that I cannot.

I once wrote here: Persistence is not paranoia. Now, I should add: Acceptance is not resignation.


Rosenberg, Donald K. (2000). Open Source: The Unauthorized White Papers. Foster City, CA: M&T Books, IDG Books Worldwide, 2000. 185pp. back to text.

I have revised the following Disclaimer with the inclusion of two points: (1) the addition of the hyperlinked self-imposed blog rules, which readers might have missed; and (2) the moderation of readers’ comments and the attendant responsibility for their own comments.

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 LicenseDisclaimer: The posts herein do not necessarily represent any organization’s positions, strategies or opinions. Read the full version of self-imposed rules for this blog: A New Year; New Rules. Unless otherwise expressly stated, the posts are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. Comments are moderated to keep the discussion relevant and civil. Readers are responsible for their own statements.



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