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Five-Year Milestones

«Use Steel, Save Trees» was an eco-friendly message adopted by National Steel Corporation back in 1990. It would receive the Araw Award for Excellence from Philippine Advertising Congress that year, aside from Outstanding Firm for Women from the Department of Labor and Employment [DOLE], and the Management Award for People Development from the Asian Institute of Management and World Executive Digest (NSC News, 1992).

The Employer’s Confederation of the Philippines [ECOP] and International Labor Organisation [ILO] bestowed the Family Welfare Award to NSC in 1989 (NSC News, 1992).

In 1992, NSC received the following: CLARA Award for Harmonious Labor and Management Relations, Quality and Productivity from the Department of Trade and Industry [DTI] and the Center for Labor Relation Assistance [CLARA] (NSC News, 1992).

In April 1994, NSC shared with two other companies—Coca- Cola Bottlers Philippines, Inc., and Honda Cars Philippines, Inc.—the first Macli-ing Dulag Environmental Achievement Awards Special Citation for Corporation for demonstrating deep commitment and outstanding achievements in protecting and conserving the environment (Illut, 1994).

The Buy Philippine Made Movement, Inc. [BPMMI] awarded the The Global Seal of Excellence in 1995 (Rojo, 1995). The Cold Strip Mills and the two Electrolytic Tinning Lines, including the Billet Steelmaking Plant, were ISO 9002:1994-certified.

Unfortunately, under the management of Malaysian investors, NSC declared cessation of operations on 07 November 1999 and proceeded with liquidation process by June 2000. Four months later, the Securities and Exchange Commission ordered the liquidation of NSC citing that it was unable to make repayments on its debts, which were about $350 million (Lyday, 2002).

All these things came to pass within five years when I was hired in January 1989 by National Steel Corporation [NSC] as an Engineering Management Trainee, Batch 11. My contractual obligations with NSC ended in September 2004, after an accumulated total of 15 years of service.

Global Steelworks International Inc. [GSII] came to existence on 04 February 2004.

On 19 August 2005, GSII announced it has changed its corporate name to Global Steel Philippines (SPV-AMC), Inc. (GSPI). Accordingly, “The change of name not only reflects the company’s commitment to the Philippines but also presents a clear, strong, and unified brand presence for Global Steel’s operations in Asia, Africa, and Europe” (PRWeb, 2005).

Global Steel Philippines, the country’s biggest “new generation“ steel mill, embraced the Six Sigma initiative thus joined the ranks of FORTUNE 500 companies like Motorola, Ford, Sony, ABB, GE, Kodak and others that have leveraged the quality methodology. Its adoption of Six Sigma concepts and philosophies was to attain industry leadership to improve business performance, as a global player in the tough steel industry (TeamAsia, 2006).

On 22 February 2008, GSPI received the TPM Excellence Award-1st Category from the Japan Institute of Planned Maintenance [JIPM] after successfully hurdling its quest for certification with Yoshitaka Murase, JIPM Senior Counselor (JIPM, 2008; GSPI Flash TPM, February 2008).

On October 2008, GSPI have successfully hurdled Third-Party ISO 9001:2000 Certification Audit by TUV-SUD. GSPI’s quest for ISO 9001:2000 certification began in March 2007 with a directive from its Managing Director and the appointment of the members of the ISO Core Team.

On 04 December 2008, it declared a plant shutdown due to the global economic crises.

All these things came to pass within five years when Global Steelworks International Inc. [GSII] hired me as Analyst, Business Strategy in November 2004. In March 2007, I was selected as a member of the ISO Core Team.


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