The Grey Chronicles


The Odds Come In Torrents

Two days ago on my third and last day of duty, last 10 August, I was surprised to see a company guard, popularly known also as a personal body guard of the company’s top expatriate, accompanying the ferry service home. Previously, there was only one company guard in the ferry service, but that night there were two. And I was the only passenger. I even talked to the new companion regarding the visit of the corporation’ top executive. He told me that it was only for some hours. That was odd, yet I let it pass.

An hour prior to the end of that shift, another supervisor claimed that my name was scratched from the list of shift-in-charges [SICs] scheduled for a three-day duty for the month of August. Upon inspection, although my name can still be visibly discerned where a ball-point pen crashed out my name from the list, replaced by another name and was clearly initialed by the division head, himself. This was odd, yet I could not let it pass.

I added an entry to the supervisors logbook for that shift asking the Division Head why the change and explained that the three-day duty I already rendered, 08-10 August, was a swapped schedule requested by another SIC. In the original schedule, I was to render duty on 11-13 August evening shift, while the requester-SIC was scheduled evening shift for 08-10 August. But with the recent handwritten changes in the schedule, the requester-SIC’s duty in lieu of me for 11-13 August would have become null and void. I appealed for the sake of fairness that the requester-SIC be allowed to render in lieu of my scheduled 11-13 August evening duty instead of the other SIC whose name was handwritten over my name. I also scribbled some words: “I received no notifications that I no longer exists.” When I finished writing those words, I felt a tingling of my nerves, which was odd! Probably a draft, I thought.

On the last three days of July, I was temporarily assigned as the staff engineer for the Division tasked to complete a Loss-Cost Matrix [LCM] for each of the three operating lines. Instead of a general shift, 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., I requested to render evening duty, as my wife was following up some personal papers in Davao City, an 8-hour bus trip from Iligan City, leaving my three-year old son with her mother. My mother-in-law, a diabetic, could not possibly tend the household chores and my son in our rented apartment, thus I volunteered to help her in the morning, and fortunately, my request for evening or graveyard duty for the time being was granted. The Division Head also scheduled me for duty on the first week of August to finish the LCMs incorporating other management initiatives methodologies which the Top Executive really appreciated. The Top Executive was scheduled to visit the plant on 05 August. Moreover, on the evening of 02 August, I received a text message [SMS] from my immediate manager that my scheduled duty on the first week of August was cancelled, cost-cutting he claimed. On 03 August, Monday, I received a SMS asking whether I finished the delay summary for August—which I completed at home after receiving the delay logs for 31 July only the next morning— and another SMS asking which workstation did I save the LCMs. Unfortunately, I replied, I was not able to save an updated LCMs in the staff engineer’s workstation but rather had the files in my Kingston DataTraveller USB; and asked whether the SMS sender was on duty. I, however, received no reply. Later while roaming in the city, I chanced meeting someone who rendered duty that day and he told me that they reconstructed the LCMs for the three lines as the 05 August deadline was nigh. I claimed that I almost finished these LCMs except for the cost values which should have been available 03 August. I was waiting for a call back to office to enable me to plug-in the cost data and the matrices should have been completed two days before the deadline. These were really and eerily odd.

Today, 12 August, I received a SMS from my immediate manager forwarding a SMS from the Division Head asking me to attend a meeting with the latter and the HR Head. I asked about the meeting’s agenda, he replied, that probably I had some inkling about it. I surmised that it was the series of posts I recently published in «The Grey Chronicles» for the month of July. I wondered whether this blog really reached the particular entities it was destined to reach, but with the above mentioned odds stacked against my favor, it probably did. Maybe the pertinent question is whether or not these particular entities would heed the call for action.

And, probably they are doing something about it.


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