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Philippine Ecological Footprint vs. Steel Consumption

Previously I have compared the Philippine Ecological Footprint, to the trend of the Philippine President’s approval rating (see Social Weather Stations, 2008). This post do the same with Apparent Steel Consumption per Capita. This post intends to know the statistical relationship of steel and and the environment, specifically biocapacity. Both quantities are in per capita. Apparent Steel Consumption is in kilograms [kg] per capita, while Biocapacity is in global heactares [gha] per capita.

Apparent Steel Consumption vs Biocapacity

Apparent Steel Consumption vs Biocapacity

The trend of Apparent Steel Consumption per Capita [ACC] rose over time, specifically from 1985 to 1997. Needless to say, the Apparent Steel Consumption per Capita during the Marcos dictatorial government, stagnated at about 10 kg per capita. When the dictatorship ended, the steel demand (consumption) grew at a fast pace until the Asian Financial Crises 1997-98. After that economic crises, the Philippine steel consumption per capita remained near the 40-mark.

Biocapacity vs ACC Regression Line

Biocapacity vs ACC Regression Line

Although, my sister-statistician would frown on the above chart with only thirty-two data-pairs, the trend during each Philippine president shows that it was only in Marcos administration where the relationship between the two factors was negatively correlated. For the four other presidents, the relationship is positively correlated. That being said, this is to be expected as both biocapacity and ACC increased respectively during the regimes following Marcos.


Time Series graphic illustration taken from Footprint for Nations, specifically for the Philippines, and revised to indicate the Philippine President’s respective regime.

Ewing B., S. Goldfinger, M. Wackernagel, M. Stechbart, S. M. Rizk, A. Reed and J. Kitzes (2008). The Ecological Footprint Atlas 2008, Oakland: Global Footprint Network, 28 October 2008, revised 16 December 2008. 87pp. back to text

Social Weather Stations [SWS] (2008). Second Quarter 2008 Social Weather Survey: PGMA’s net rating falls to record-low —38. Online: Social Weather Stations, 18 July 2008. back to text

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