The Grey Chronicles


Words as Numbers

If the letters A to Z are represented by the numbers 1 to 26, respectively, then the letters of each word are translated into respective numbers; this association can result into amazing insights. This is only for fun, and not to be taken as gospel truth!

A LEADER [45] might be numerically less than a MANAGER [59], but it is an accepted fact that LEADERSHIP [97] is better than MANAGEMENT [93].

The BOARD OF DIRECTORS [172] is usually above any MANAGING DIRECTOR [158], an ADMINISTRATOR [161], a GENERAL MANAGER [121], a PRESIDENT [110] or an EXECUTIVE [114]; yet a SUPERVISOR [162] yields more numerical power than others?

To be SOMEBODY [98] is better than ANYBODY [96] or being a NOBODY [75], but EVERYBODY [121] is optimum.

POWER [77] and MONEY [72] wielded separately does not amount to GREATNESS [108] but COMMON SENSE [135] could almost do it. Moreover, the sum of DRIVE [58] plus MONEY [72] equates to DEXTERITY [130], but it could also equal to a double dose of IDIOCY [65]. Surprisingly, COMMUNISM [120] is a twin to DESPOTISM [120].

Mental CAPACITY [78] does not equate to Mental CAPABILITY [98]. Isn’t it odd that there is about 20 points difference between these two words. Apparently, the human BRAIN [44] is only a biological representation of human INTELLIGENCE [115]. But sometimes, BRAINPOWER [121] is beaten by HORSEPOWER [142]. Similarly, in terms of strength, PHYSICAL [93] is truly much strenuous than MENTAL [65].

GOOD JUDGMENT [135] beats PERCEPTION [121] any time. Incidentally, FORESIGHT [107] is much better than INSIGHT [86]. WISDOM [83] is a tad greater than mere TALENT [72].

AWARENESS [105] might be simple, but either COMPREHENSION [154] or UNDERSTANDING [150] is out of its league.

HARDWORK [98] and COMPETENCE [99] might be almost the same; EXPERIENCE [104] and KNOW-HOW [109] almost equal, but PROFICIENCY [123] is still king.

It’s been said: while HARDWORK [98], KNOWLEDGE [96] and APTITUDE [96] will get you close to a 100; and ATTITUDE [100] or INTELLECT [100] will get you there; but it’s GODLINESS [104] that will put you over the top!

EDUCATION [92] is synonymous to TRAINING [92]; but SCHOOLING [102] is better than just LEARNING [80]. In any endeavour, QUALIFICATIONS [156] are better than mere ACHIEVEMENTS [124] or a string of CREDENTIALS [110].

Beware though, EXPERTISE [121] can be equated to MEDIOCRITY [121]. See related post on expertise.

A REALIST [84] is better than IDEALIST [79]; but a PRAGMATIST [124] or an OPTIMIST [121] almost double that of a DREAMER [64]. Is this proof that: INSPIRATION [144] beats IMAGINATION [112]? ASPIRATION [122] is greater than AMBITION [83].

A PHILOSOPHER [141] is better than the sum of an ACADEMIC [39] plus a SCHOLAR [76]. While a GENIUS [75] is somewhere between a GURU [67] and a MYSTIC [89].

COLLABORATION [137] might be better than COOPERATION [131] or just TEAMWORK [106]. PARTNERSHIP [144] is much better than FRIENDSHIP [108].

NARCOTIC [83] can be a powerful drug, but LAUGHTER [92] still retains its moniker as the best medicine. Similarly, a GRIN [48], a GIGGLE [47], or a LAUGH [49] could do the job, but a SMILE [58] is much more powerful.

In the order of things, CREATIVITY [132] first, INNOVATION [133] second, but ORIGINALITY [139] is far superior! This is probably true: A creator makes something out of nothing; an innovator improves a creation; but an original thing is one of a kind!

SYMMETRY [138] is numerically superior than BALANCE [38]. The numbers expressed it: QUALITY [105] is a state of near PERFECTION [121].

Mathematically, HOPE [44] and FAITH [44] might be best, but the greatest of all is still LOVE [54].


Disclaimer : The posts on this site are my own and doesn’t necessarily represent any organization’s positions, strategies or opinions.


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