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2004-2008: A Report Card for GSPI: The Best Events

With GSPI on “temporary” shutdown, there is no one to report to the world the best and the worst that happened to its recent corporate history (2004-2008). The selection was not easy, but these selection criteria: Relevance, Firsts and Shockability, would seem to fit. For relevance, the events should have impact to the organization, the workers and the country. Under the firsts, events should be one-of-a-kind. For shockability, the event should be either give readers: awe, amazement or puzzlement.

1. The Philippines’ First 1.6 Mtpy Blast Furnace (March,2007).
“Global Steel Philippines Inc. — the once-shuttered company formerly known as National Steel Corp. — said it was preparing to build a $1.6-billion integrated steel plant. Company managing director Lalit Kumar Sehgal said in a news briefing that Global Steel was working on government approvals for the project, which would make the Philippines self-sufficient in steel.” (The Philippine Daily Inquirer, 23 May 2007)

Annotations: What ever happened to this plan? Aside from a succession of corporate "praise" releases, the furnace is still a 51-Year Dream: A Blast Furnace for the Philippines. Oh, well, you know: a blast furnace can be built in a year, especially if you have the right quantity of The Cents of The Pita. Also, remember that GSPI made the announcement amid allegations that it was using fake export papers because it could not produce goods at its plant in the southern city of Iligan.

2. NSC Reopens as GSPI. (February, 2004)
President Arroyo led the ceremonial switching on of the mothballed plants of the National Steel Corp. (NSC) 03 February in Iligan City that have been inoperative for more than three years. The reopening of the steel mills followed the formal signing a week earlier of a memorandum of agreement between NSC’s creditor banks and GIHL, which will lead the rehabilitation of the NSC (Villanueva, 2004). Pramod Mittal (2004) in his speech during the reopening of NSC as GSII herald it as: “In the history of a nation, there are few rare events which go down as landmarks and people remember them even generations later. Those present are witness to one such sweet testimony — the rebirth of National Steel Corporation. . . . NSC is the newest addition to the Ispat family of iron and steel facilities. In the next phase, Ispat Group has planned making NSC an integrated steel plant.”

Annotations: Unfortunately, after four years operating as GSPI in the former NSC plant, there are no indications that GSPI is part of Ispat! The next phase, the ISM, is taking much longer now. If the Philippines waited for more than 51 years for this dream to become a reality, what’s a few more years compared to the age of the universe, anyway?

3. GSPI Garners ISO 9001:2000 Certification (October, 2008).
GSPI have successfully hurdled Third-Party ISO 9001:2000 Certification Audit held last 20-22 October 2008. TUV-SUD conducted the three-day plant audit and recommended that GSPI would be certified by year-end. GSPI’s quest for ISO 9001:2000 certification began in March 2007 with a directive from its Managing Director and the appointment of the members of the GSPI’s ISO Core Team.

4. GSPI Wins TPM Excellence Award-1st Category (March, 2008).
On 12 March 2008, GSPI received the TPM Excellence Award-1st Category from the Japan Institute of Planned Maintenance (JIPM) after successfully hurdling its quest for certification with Yoshitaka Murase, JIPM Senior Counselor (GSPI Flash TPM, February 2008).

5. GSPI Exports to Brazil (January, 2007).
GSPI shipped over 16,000 metric tons of cold rolled coils (CRC) and hot rolled coils (HRC) to Brazil for the first time. According to Lalit K. Sehgal, Global Steel managing director, some 9,000 metric tons of CRC and 7,000 metric tons of HRC were loaded on MV Sea Brilliance for immediate shipment to Brazil (Go, 2007). By March 2007, GSPI sees 80% export growth (Osorio, 2007) after becoming the country’s largest manufacturer and exporter of hot rolled and cold rolled coils in 2007. It claimed that it will export over 60,000 metric tons of hot rolled and cold rolled coils for this month. The hot rolled and cold rolled coils were exported mainly to Brazil, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and India. Global Steel has pegged its full year target at 660,000 MT. It exports 70 percent of its production.

Next post: The Worst Events


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