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Counting Chickens Before the Eggs Hatch

The last two weeks of December are seemingly endless days of Philippine holidays. This is probably the result of shifting holidays falling on a Sunday to a work day, which was in vogue during the Aquino Administration. Fortunately for us, workers would be benefited from this arrangement.

Both 25th December and 1st January falling on Thursdays and with 30th December a Legal Holiday, plus the 31st December a Special Non-Working Day being the end of the year as mandated by Aquino then and the same practice continued by PGMA, these are four holidays in the last two weeks of the year. Another thing, 29th December being in between Sunday [28th] and a Legal Holiday [30th], PGMA declared it a Special Non-Working Day!

Being in the Authonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao, I will be entitled to enjoy the 26th of December also declared as a Muslim Holiday.

In addition to that, with the 5-day work-week in effect, e.g., Saturdays are No Scheduled Work days and Sundays as the official Rest Days, thus that is an addition of two more no work days for me.

With eight days of paid Vacation Leaves still available for me, I intended to maximize the family Christmas vacation with this schedule. Vacation Leave credits are soon to expire by 01 January 2009 when a new 16-day vacation and sick leaves are credited for each GSPI employee.

A Three-Week Vacation in December

A Three-Week Vacation in December

The blue-starred dates are my proposed Vacation Leaves. My family and I then could have the longest vacation leave if I could, and I planned to, additionally apply for a 2nd January vacation leave. All in all, I would earn at most a three-week break from work and could come in back to work by 04 January. This is great! If only Houston doesn’t have a problem.

So what’s the poblem?

There is no definite date when the 13th month bonus would be given. Although Philippine laws mandated that this bonus be given prior to 25th December, GSPI is notoriously late in giving such for the past four years.

Also, we were only given a quarter of our salary for November, and there is no clarity whether the balance of which will be given early this month. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the first half salary for December [22 November to 07 December period] would also be given owing to the fact of the dire circumstances the company is facing.

Anyway, before this three-week vacation, I do plan to spend the next two weeks writing advanced blogs for the three-week period. Most of the blogs would be a summary of the books I have read during this year. Topics discussed might delve on globalization in one, history on another, etc. I plan to enjoy most of my needed vacation, but I have to toil to keep this blog open even during the holidays.

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