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Inexpensive Best Morale Boosters

Betsy Gallup enumerated ten ways to boost employee morale:

“Treat employees with respect, even when they may be disrespectful to you.”

Annotations: Losing your temper is like money, spend it wisely. Reprimanding an employee in public affects not only that one employee, but rather every employee who hears and overhears your outburst. Respect is not a one-way street, it should be mutual!

“Show interest in your employees’ personal lives. ”

Annotations: People are human beings, they need to be led, not mere resources to be managed. Knowing some of snippets about a person, without getting nosy, is being human. Humans need to connect to others.

“Allow your employees to gain ownership of their jobs by being part of the decision-making process.”

Annotations: Delegation of authority is a great morale booster, even if it is only about winning small battles, such as "setting position duties, deadlines, and goals" and not the whole war. Good leaders delegate responsibilities. Great leaders delegate authority.

“Create a pleasant work environment. ”

Annotations: Work environment includes space, temperature, ventilation, illumination, and safety. Kaizen, can be, but it is not the ultimate answer to cost reduction. Any proposed savings on these factors must be evaluated in terms of their respective effects to personnel.

“Remember the basic rules of polite behavior that you learned as a child. ”

Annotations: Better re-read "All I Really Need to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten"

“Establish an employee recognition program, which will allow you to publicly commemorate the efforts of those employees who go beyond the call of duty.”

Annotations: Several studies show that monetary rewards, especially those with quota, do little over the long-term to boost morale, but quality of work tends to suffer.

“Celebrate company successes! ”

Annotations: Make milestones a corporate memory. Sharing makes a community. Create common, yet distinctive, corporate memories, symbols, etc.

“Stand behind your employees. ”

Annotations: Most of the time, be their greatest "angel" advocate, and for balance, be their "devil" advocate once-in-a-while.

“Give clear direction and set priorities. ”

Annotations: A leader gives direction, focus and foresight. Direction on how to do things only when necessary. Focus on what is expected of them from your point of view and from theirs. Use foresight to prioritize activities into manageable tasks. Making everything first priority is not focus, but rather diversion of efforts!

“Avoid layoffs and cutbacks. ”

Annotations: During personnel reduction, however, clearly and frankly communicate the reasons why and the depth of the lay offs up front, then clarify what steps are being taken to safeguard the employment of the remaining employees.


Gallup, Betsy (2006). How To Boost Employee Morale. USA: How To Do,
April 9, 2006 back to text

Fulghum, Robert (1993) All I Really Need to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten: Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things. USA: Ballantine, 1993. 224 pp. back to text


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