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GSPI’s Quest for ISO 9001:2000 Certificate

GSPI‘s quest for ISO 9001:2000 certification began in March 2007 with a directive from its Managing Director and the appointment of the members of the GSPI’s ISO Core Team.

The Quality Management System [QMS] was drafted the following month and the Core Team’s orientation seminar on ISO9001:2000 was completed by May 2007. This certification was aimed only for Cold Rolling Mills [CRM], i.e., for the production of Cold-Rolled Coils.

It should be noted that NSC’s Cold Strip Mill was a holder of ISO9002:1994 certification prior to its closure. Thus, the Core Team was tasked to review the ISO documents and make the necessary changes after the completion of the gap analyses between the 1994 and 2000 versions. The following year, May 2008, almost all the mandatory documents and systems have been finalized.

On June 2008, the ISO Core Team undergone the required Internal Audit Course for three days conducted by Assist Consultants. This was followed by three (3) Internal Quality Audits conducted by the Core Team members, now also Internal Quality Auditors.

During these three successive Internal Quality Audits, it became evident that some managers and some expat supervisors do not have an inkling of what ISO entails and their repercussions. Hereunder are some anecdotes on what transpired then:

Scenario 1:

Auditor [A]: Could you explain, in your own words, the CRM Quality Policy?
Expat Supervisor [X]: I am not aware of any policy on quality?
[A]: It’s the same as the Quality Policy in a billboard found at the Delivery section of your line.
[X]: So, I don’t need to explain it if it’s already in there.

Good Answer! Try that trick with the third-party auditor!

Scenario 2:

A supervisor was worried that some Internal Quality Auditors were strict while others were not adept to the ISO requirements.
Supervisor [S]: Have all the Internal Quality Auditors successfully completed the Auditors’ Course?
Auditor [A]: Yes, all the Internal Quality Auditors have undergone a three-day seminar-workshop.
QMR: No need to worry about that, all the IQ Auditors have passed out.

Ahhh, They all fainted!?!.

Scenario 3:

In an IQA closing meeting, it became necessary that the Supply Chain Management head was invited because some of the ISO requirements on Resource Management was becoming a concern for most Internal Quality Auditors. One Auditor was reporting her findings:
Auditor [A]: This is against ISO requirements and the CRM Quality Policy on "Safe working conditions".
SCM Manager [SM]: No, no, no! Safety is not included in ISO.
Auditors, in chorus: But Safety is written in the CRM Quality Policy.
SCM Manager [SM]: Maybe, but Safety is NEVER a part of ISO.
Lead Auditor [LA]: Sir, kindly read the CRM Quality Policy which states "Safe working conditions and consistent adherence to the principles of environmental protection and preservation."

Ayay-yay! Do not open your mouth, if you don’t want your foot inside it!?!.

Scenario 4:

On the last IQA opening meeting, one Document Control Officer aired that their Quality Manual is yet to be contained in one folder. The Purchasing Department, however, have yet to provide the necessary folders which were sourced from Manila.
DCO : With expats going back-and-forth from Manila to Iligan, maybe each of them could hand-carry a number of these folders whenever they travel to Iligan.
DCO’s Manager [DM]: What seems to be the problem? He was not aware that his DCO was having this problem?
DCO : Purchasing Department keeps on saying that the ISO folder will arrive this day, and when that day arrives, a new arrival date is again announced.
Expat Manager [XM]: Couldn’t we source-out these folders locally?
DCO : Purchasing Department claims that these folders are not available locally.
DCO’s Manager [DM]: I’m calling the Supply Chain Manager. Hey, couldn’t we ask these third-party auditors to go easy on these folders? You know I am friends with these ISO Auditors!

Hey, sir! Could you ask them also to certify CRM without doing the actual Audit!

Scenario 5:

During the third-party audit, a manager remarked to an Internal Quality Auditor:
Manager : You know, it seemed that most Internal Quality Auditors were too strict and too meticulous compared to the third-party auditors.
IQ Auditor : Sir, that’s the purpose of IQA and that’s the real job of the Auditors.
Manager : But, should they be THAT strict?
IQ Auditor : It’s much better if the non-conformances are found during the Internal Quality Audit rather than be cited by a Certification Auditor.




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