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GSPI Corporate Web Site: A Critique, Part 6

Continued from yesterday: Part 5

I visited the GSPI web site for a number of times this past years. Hereunder are my observations:


Our Synergies

GSPI Web Site: Our Synergies

[1] High Image and Goodwill in the Philippines In the Philippines, maybe; but not in Iligan City. Employees do not even possess a singular issue of a uniform. Although personnel’s garment measurements were taken years ago, the supplier of the uniform pulled out the contract because of downpayment issues. The issuance of PVC-based employee identification [ID] cards from a local photo shop reverted to the issuance by Human Resource department of temporary cartolina-based to new hires because the company failed to resolve the balance for the contract with the local photo shop. During NSC era, employees then could proudly claim to be NSC employees. There were aprocryphal anecdotes that an NSC ID could even buy someone a case of beer on credit. The grey shirtjack, a regular issue of NSC then, was used for V.I.P.-engress to the exclusive night clubs in the city. Presently, wearing the company ID while outside the company premises is compared to wearing the "A" necklace of the fictional book, Scarlet Letter. There were instances that company employees have been personally, although verbally, attacked by shopowners or mere bystanders as "debtors" or persons who contract financial loans without a plan on repaying it back. One employee was even denied of hospitalization because he proudly shown the hospital authorities his company ID. The company lodged a formal complaint to the hospital, which turned out that the company has had some unsettled debts with the hospital.

[2] "Engineering Data Base and Systems in Place" If this mean a database of engineering drawings which existed from NSC’s vault room since the 90s, then that data base is only applicable to the retrieval of drawings for field changes. The same database is not even available or immediately retrievable on the field because the computer at the Vault Room is not even connected to the Local Area network. Unfortunately, the database itself is outdated and used an older version of FoxBase and even a rudimentary Excel file.

[3] "Research Centre and Laboratory" There is no Research Centre and Laboratory inside the cmpany premises. The former Advanced Research and Technology Department [ARTD] building is now an empty shell of a space without a singular equipment or instrument to do research with. The Liquidator retrieved these laboratory equipment and research instruments during the Plant Facilities Preservation phase citing that these were value-added items to the plant site and not necessarily included in the assets purchased by the acquiring company.

[4] "Sports Facility" A gymnasium, a Pelota Covered Court, a Tennis Court, an Olympic-size Swimming Pool are situated in the Hilltop; but for now these are for the exclusive use of the company’s expats. Although, once-in-a-while the local employees use the gymnasium for corporate events—Diwali, Christmas— but these events are far too few. Nowadays, most of the corporate events are conducted at the Admin Lobby.

[5] "Two Pier; Foundry; Well-Built in-plant Roads" Shouldn’t a plural form of Piers, yes with the final "s", follow the number Two adjective? Foundry Shop rehabilitation began in 2006; after almost two years, it is still under rehabilitation. Both the Machine and Fabrication Shop are hard-up procuring needed spares thus the substitution of cheap parts are prevalent. Once these machined and fabricated spares are used in the production lines, they do have shorter lifespans than the original NSC-installed fabricated ones. In-plant roads seem like a drive-by amidst a forest enclave. The roads may have been well-built but are poorly maintained. Potholes are prevalent that drivers need to manuever their vehicle not to cross over them. Also, all vehicles except those of a select few executives are not allowed inside the plant.


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