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GSPI Corporate Web Site: A Critique, Part 4

Continued from yesterday: Part 3

I visited the GSPI web site for a number of times this past years. Hereunder are my observations:

Safety, Health and Environment

Safety, Health and Environment

GSPI Web Site: Safety, Health and Environment

[1] What sprinkler systems? Maybe the webmaster have not had an actual experience in using this system. Most of these sprinklers are not operational, and if some do work: one can get tetanus because the water [is it really water?] that flows from it is about 90% rust. Even the personal safety shower heads have rusted throughout the four-year hiatus that they have to be condemned as unusable, or physically put out-of-commission. Furthermore, with the potable water being rationed in-plant, the sprinklers cannot be trusted should the non-mentionable event occur. Moreover, even the automatic fire alarm is so erratically trigger by the slightest change in temperature. Most system technicians claimed that this sensitivity is brought by the ageing of the sensor.

[2] "to various nearby communities" This maybe true during the NSC era that whenever fire emergencies broke out in nearby communities, the NSC fire truck then was almost always the first to respond. From 2004 to present, there was no acquisition of additional fire trucks. What upgrading was done: apparently the repainting of GSPI colors—golden orange—over the NSC’s grey-and-red combination is part of that? With some of the key personnel, such as firefighters and safety officers, resigning their positions for other high-paying jobs either inside the company or outside the country, the crew left is sparingly scattered across the 24-hour shift. The only person responding on graveyard shift is the security personnel on duty.

[3] "solutions, medicines, dental . . ." Although there were first-aid kits provided for each line, section or department since 2004, the contents of these kits have not been replenished since then (2004). Asking for the same from the infirmary, one would be given the usual answer: these are still on purchase requisition. Medicines at the infirmary consist of only the basics: Decolgen, Neozep, Biogesic which can be applied to most of the common ailments—headache, stomachache, toothache—. For medications beyond what the infirmary could provide, employees have to buy these themselves. During my recent tooth extraction, although the infirmary referred me to an external retainer, I had to buy vials of anesthesia plus capsules of mefenamic acid and antibiotic medications. If one needs to be hospitalized, one has to settle all his hospital bills from personal funds or the company shoulders the same but the same is to be repaid in full through salary deductions from the employee’s receivables.

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