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GSPI Corporate Web Site: A Critique, Part 3

Continued from yesterday: Part 2

I visited the GSPI web site for a number of times this past years. Hereunder are my observations:

Job Vacancies

Job Vacancies

GSPI Web Site: Job Vacancies

[1] Has anyone heard of a thesaurus? The repetition of the phrase "We keep on recruiting people" seemed like a grade-school student writing an essay on hiring. There are so many ways this sentence could have been improved. English is such a flexible language that you could make sentences using different words but in context the whole conveys the same message.

[2] "Persons having experience" is carabao-English! Experience can vary for each applicant; experience can be a personal first-hand knowledge, an observation or exposure, or a formal training. First-hand knowledge is the accumulation of skills and aptitude in one particular job detail for a particular time, say months or years. An observation is only a fleeting perception of the job, thus with the use of the five senses–hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and touching–a person can experience something. Training can also be in two forms: technical seminar or on-the-job training [OJT]. A technical seminar can occur in a classroom environment, i.e., away from the job site. Incidentally a week-long OJT is obviously shorter than a three-month long OJT, but the page is silent on this requirement.

[3] Another thing, why would one applicant send one’s resumes [plural]? Each person only has ONE resume, although it is possible that there are different versions of the same resume, each of these are generally and essentially the same. This sentence could mean: for ALL applicants, they can send their respective resume to the email address cited. If the latter is the case, then that last sentence should not be included in that paragraph, but should be merged with the last instruction, "Or you can visit . . ."

[4] "Possible openings in the future" Huh? this is grammatically incorrect, if not an oxymoronic phrase! Possible openings can never occur in the PAST.

[5] The instructions at the bottom, "Or you can visit us at for updates", moreover, is unnecessary. Viewing this particular page is already a visit in itself. It seemed that this page is a HTMLized version of either a memorandum or an email from somewhere.

Benchmark this page with that of ArcelorMittal. The typical corporate’s careers page on popular web sites is a listing of vacancies for various positions PLUS a succinct description of what the job entails, the employment requirements, among other things.


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