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GSPI Corporate Web Site: A Critique, Part 1

I visited the GSPI website for a number of times this past years. Hereunder are my observations:

CRM TMBP Processing

Cold Rolling Mills

GSPI Web Site: Cold Rolling Mills

It should be noted by the browsing public that tin-milled back-plate (TMBP) processing was only recently started this month, October 2008. From 2004, although ETL3 was programmed for rehabilitation, several attempts was made from that time until 2007, yet no start-up planned to operate the Philippines’ sole Electrolytic Tinning Line because the purchased of expensive tin anodes was not included in the budget. Thus, GSPI can roll, clean then anneal the raw materials for TMBP, but it cannot process them into tinplates.

Personnel, who were originally hired to run ETL3, were distributed among operational processing lines at GSPI. Sometimes, these personnel are called to ETL3 to resume the rehabilitation, but after a few days they would report back to their temporary assigned lines because of a change in management plans.

Change is constant, especially on management plans. The always cited justification: market movement!


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