The Grey Chronicles


How to Write a Master’s Thesis, Part 7

Continued from yesterday: Part 6

Here I go again. I though this would never end. I just hope that this would be my second to that last entry for this post. The last one post regarding this topic would be the actual submission of the book-bound theses to the Graduate School.

The next day, 28 October, because I used the computer until 0300H editing some work-related technical study, I went back to the bookbinder’s contact almost 1000H. She was all-smiles and apologized for the inconvenience the errors in the Cover Page might have caused me. She also claimed that the bookbinder will be personally to receive the manuscripts and I could give her further instructions.

One colleague of the bookbinder’s contact commented: "Maybe what you wrote, sir, was wrong in the first place. If that’s so, then the bookbinder should be fault-free.

I argued that I have checked and re-checked the printed draft of the Cover Page and I found it to be exemplary correct. There is no English word IMPLIMCATIONS and in the original the word LIQUIDATION was without the final letter "S" I only wrote by hand the contents of the book spine and except for the wrong font used for that, everything else–spelling, spacing–on it were fine. I also reiterated to the bookbinder’s contact what I have specifically instructed her and she agreed to it all.

The bookbinder came after thirty minutes. I instructed her point-by-point the errors in the Cover Page.

  3. OCTOBER 2008 to the required: October 2008
  4. Change the font of the date from Arial to Times New Roman Bold, also 14-point
  5. Change the font of book spine contents from Arial to Times New Roman Bold, any point type as long as everything could fit.

She apologized and thank me for not making a big deal about everything. She even told an anecdote about a customer shouting profanities just because the Cover Page had one misspelled word. I replied that there is nothing I can do with what was already done. She reiterated the committed completion date: tomorrow Wednesday afternoon or 29 October, 2008.

I repeated my plea regarding the bookbinder’s attention to details, including spelling and to just follow the attached guide I gave her to the letter–no deviations–no changes.


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