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How to Write a Master’s Thesis, Part 6

Continued from: Part 5

I thought yesterday was my last post regarding this topic, but I was wrong. With my too-detailed explanation of what should be in the Thesis cover, the size of the fonts, the page lay-out, even the background and foreground color, I thought I have covered all the bases. I even printed a separate copy of what should be the Cover Page for clarity, scribbled notations for emphasis and gave personal reminders to the bookbinder.

The next day, 27 October [the last day of submission of the hard-bound thesis], I was feeling anxious that I sent a SMS to the bookbinder’s contact before 1200H. She replied, probably they could finish the job by 1500H. I texted back that that day was the deadline for submission and how many of the eight copies have already been completed. She replied: All the copies were already bound, only four (4) covers needs stamping. I reminded her to please mind the spellings and the layout and particularly follow the printed Cover Page I provided them as guide. She said, I made sure of that!

About 1425H, the bookbinder’s contact sent me a message that the hardbound copies of my Thesis were already for retrieval. Happy at the news, I almost flew to the binder’s shop. Upon reaching the shop, the bookbinder’s contact initially said that the price per book should have higher than what we agreed. I commented that maybe we could apply the new price on the next set. I still have two (2) copies — one still for printing and the other still on review with the Dean of Graduate School.

Reviewing the Cover Page, I was shocked to find two glaring spelling errors. In the title "An Evaluation of Flat Carbon Steel Production of National Steel Corporation (NSC) from its Privatization in 1995 to its Liquidation in 1999 and its Implications to the Country’s Steel Industry" the word Liquidation became LIQUIDATIONS [sic] and the word Implications became IMPLIMCATIONS [sic]. The date of publication used another type of font and everything was in all capitalized. The font used on the book’s spine was Arial while I specifically required that it should be Times New Roman, 10-14 point fonts.

Understanding the predicament of the bookbinder’s because of my insistent reminders, I suggested that I could bring the book-bound copies for submission and if the Graduate School would not accept it, i.e., the mis-titling and use of different fonts, then they have to rework the Cover Page from scratch. Off I went to the University bringing along the 278pp, 8 copies of the manuscripts.

Reached there at 1600H, verified if the signatories were available. Unfortunately all of them wer out of office. My adviser was in the City. The College Dean was in Manila and will be back on the 31 October, and Engr G. was in a meeting at the company I worked for. Appealed to the Graduate School executive assistant and she gave me until 31 October to submit all the bookbound manuscripts. She allowed me to submit all the other requirement–the CD of the thesis, abstract and article; plus four (4) printed copies of the Abstract and the Article.

Had to wait for a reply of the SMS I sent my Adviser. Called her home and her daughter said she was in Gaisano Mall buying something. After a while she called me but each I press the Answer button, she would cut-off the call. Text her back, I can’t call her, to suggest that I need to meet her by Wednesday.

This was also the time that I found out that the College Dean was in Manila attending a seminar and she would be back either the 30th or the 31st.

Also sent an SMS to Engr G. regarding the deadline. He answered later that he was in a meeting with management and that the meeting could last up to 1830H. He suggested that I give him a meeting place where he could sign the manuscripts after 1830H.

Pressed for time, I confirmed with the bookbinder that if I could deliver the manuscripts to them before 1830H, when would the rework be completed. The bookbinder assured me that most probably they could complete all the revisions by Wednesday afternoon [29 October]. Agreeing to this, I sent a revised SMS to my Adviser and Engr G.: Manuscripts will be available Wednesday for their signatures. My adviser replied: "If you need my signature, just leave the manuscripts with the MBM Office tomorrow." Huh?!? Didn’t I wrote Wednesday? Engr. G replied "OK"

Passed by an Internet Cafe to make the Cover Page again. This time I also encoded the Book Spine. During the first attempt, I only wrote down the contents on the printed layout of the Cover Page. I completed this task at 1825H, went to the bookbinder’s contact, but unfortunately it was already closed. Text her, and she replied "Anyway, sir, the bookbinder will get it in the morning [28 October].


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