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How to Write a Masteral Thesis, Part 4

Continued from yesterday: Part 3

On 22 October, I met with my Thesis Adviser after 5pm. She was in a good mood. She even gave me an invitation to a Kiddie Halloween Costume Party hosted by Jollibee, saying that she no longer have a grandson or granddaughter young enough to enjoy that party. She then proceeded with the approval of my thesis. First, she asked whether all revisions were included in the manuscript. For each notation written during the Thesis Presentation, she asked me to show each revised paragraph or sentence. In ten minutes, we completely covered all the revisions. She asked: "So, should I sign the Approval Sheet?" Huh? Isn’t that what she was supposed to do after the manuscript check? So, she signed it.

Off I went to the other members of the Thesis Guidance Panel. First to the Dean of the College. Although she was also busy checking another student’s Special Project on Sustainable Development, my wait was fruitful as she let me helped edit that student’s research. This student also gave me a copy of a new requirement prior to the Approval of the bound thesis. All students with research were required to write a 15-page article based on a School of Graduate Studies’ (SGS) writing guideline. After an hour, she asked for my thesis, checked the necessary additions and promptly signed the Approval Sheet.

Luckily, Engr. G, the other member of the Thesis Guidance Panel, was holding a class tonight. After finding out that was out of the classroom, I met him in the MBM Office, he immediately signed the Approval Sheet. He did not have any annotations to the thesis after the Presentation. The MBM Coordinator also encouraged me to join a regional search for best paper slated in February 2009.

Went home about 8pm, happy that the Approval Sheet have been completely signed by the required signatories.After dinner, I drafted the Thesis Article, and came up with a 20-page summary. Had some difficulty shortening a 292-page Thesis into 15-page write-up. I turned in at the wee hours of the next day.

In the afternoon the next day, 23 October, I asked assistance from the MBM Coordinator on how to decrease the20-page draft to a 15-page summary. She suggested the deletion of some of the referenced studies in the Related Literature and removing most of the quoted equations on Multiple Regressions and Correlations. After that, though raining cats and dogs, I submitted the Approval Sheet to SGS and queried on the other requirements, which included the 15-page Thesis Article, four copies of the Abstract, eight hardbound copies of the Thesis, plus a compact disc of an electronic file of the Thesis plus the Statistical Data used in the study. The SGS also requested a copy of the manuscript for the final look prior to the issuance of Approval Certificates. Passed by an internet cafe, and had eight copies of the Thesis printed. The printer promised to have all the copies ready by 5pm tomorrow.


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