The Grey Chronicles


Appendix GG: List of Abbreviations


ACC — Apparent Steel Consumption per Capita

ACFS — Apparent Consumption of Finished Steel

ADB — Asian Development Bank

AISI — American Iron and Steel Institute

AMC — Asset Management Corporation

ASEAN — Association of Southeast Asian Nations

CRC — Cold-rolled coil

CRU — Composite Resources Unit

CSM — Cold Strip Mill

DBP — Development Bank of the Philippines

ETL — Electrolytic Tinning Line

HRC — Hot-rolled coil

HSM — Hot Strip Mill

ISIA — Iron and Steel Industry Act of 1991

IISI — International Iron and Steel Institute

FYEP — Five-Year Expansion Programs

GOCC — Government-Owned and Controlled Corporation

GDP — Gross Domestic Product

GSII — Global Steelworks Infrastructures, Incorporated

GSHL — Global Steel Holdings Limited

GSPI — Global Steelworks Philippines (AMC-SPV), Inc.

GIHL — Global Infrastructure Holdings Limited

NDC — National Development Company

NSCB — National Statistical Coordination Board

NEDA — National Economic Development Authority

NSO — National Statistics Office

PISI — Philippine Iron and Steel Institute

PNB — Philippine National Bank

SF&FS — Semi-finished and finished steel

SPV — Special Purpose Vehicle

SEAISI — Southeast Asia Iron and Steel Institute

SEC — Securities and Exchange Commission

TP — Tinplate

TFS — Tin Free Steel

Note: Unfortunately due to the technical nature ofthis publication, the above abbreviations were seldom used but rather remained spelled-out.


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