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Appendix U: NSC Corporate Philosophy

To our Country

To be a major instrument in the country’s development, primarily in terms of advancement of steel-making and steel-using technology, utilization of domestic raw materials, training and employment of local labor, supply of steel materials to major industrial users and improvement of the overall trade balance.

To our Customers

To become the reliable source for the country’s steel requirements. This supply relationship with the market shall be guided by the three norms of sufficient quantities, acceptable quality and competitive prices

To our Investors

To earn for our shareholders sufficient returns on their investment and to safeguard the interest of creditors in the Company.

Towards Management

To operate with a positive and dynamic philosophy of management. This will require the continuous and consistent upgrading of the sophistication and effectiveness of managers under a development program that will assure an adequate supply of competent executives for the long-range needs of the Company.

To our Employees

To recognize that the personal interests of employees are not alien to those of the company. To maintain high standards of performance and realistic and fair compensation for that competence.

To our Community

To act as a responsible and concerned corporate citizen in the communities where we have a presence and to encourage our officers, employees, and representatives to do the same. To create an environment characterized by high ethical tone, honest and forthright actions, and maintain external relationships on a long-term and mutually beneficial basis.

Source: NSC


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