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Philippine Steel Intensity

Applying the IISI concept of steel intensity (refer to Figure 12 previously) to the Philippine steel industry, using the Apparent Steel Consumption per capita from IISI and available raw data of per capita income (representative of the Gross National Product) from NEDA and NSCB, the graph below is provided.


Figure 18: Philippines Steel Intensity, 1985-2004 (Data: IISI, NEDA, NSCB)

Figure 18 shows that although there was a steady climb for steel intensity since 1984, it wavered in 1994—obviously a reaction with the then impending privatization of NSC. The trend recovered until 1996 then it curved to year 2000. Enlarging the cluster of steel densities between 1998 and 2001, see inset of Figure 18, indicated that steel density for the successive years circled between 1998 and 2001 (refer to Appendix H for the Philippine steel intensity data used to create Figure 18).


Philippine Steel Intensity Data, 1984-2004

Steel intensity (SI) is the ratio of steel consumption (i.e., steel demand) to Gross National Product (GNP), the monetary value of the total production of final goods and services (Laplace Conseil, 2007). GNP here is represented by PCI.

Philippine Steel Intensity Data, 1984-2004

Philippine Steel Intensity Data, 1984-2004

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National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) (2004). 2003 Philippine Statistical Yearbook. Manila: NSCB, 2004. back to text

Laplace Conseil (2007), View on the Future of the Global Steel Industry. Proceedings of Merrill Lynch Global Metals, Mining and Steel Conference, Dublin: Merril Lynch, May 2007. Powerpoint Presentation. Slide 5. back to text


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