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MBWA, not MBAW! Stupid!

The MBWA, or “Management by Walking Around” or “Management by Wandering Around” became a fad in the ’80s to ’90s. Many managers became a believer on this type of managing people. MBWA is a management method emphasizing the importance of interpersonal contact.

When expats came to GSPI, however, they introduce another management technique: MBAW for “Management By Asking Why” Apparently, this method is practiced by all of these GSPI’s expats that local employees became exasperated of the chorus of “why is this?” and “why is that?” questions from seemingly “expert” people who were hired as expert managers in offering constructive ideas to solve problems and not become incorrigible problems themselves. Some of these “why” questions are so ridiculous that I have included them for ridiculousness’ sake.

I have compiled herewith the answers to all their “why’s?”

Q: Why is this connected to this?
A: Because THAT is not connected to THIS!

Q: Why are no spares available to replace these defective parts?
A: Because you have not provide money to purchase new spares!

Q: Why was I not told about this?
A: Because telling you would not make any difference. You will not act on it anyway!

Q: Why was I kept in the dark of this problem?
A: Same answer as above!

Q: Why are people covering their noses when I’m in the room?
A: Because they can’t stand how your mixed essence of body odor, underarm odor, and re-used clothing smell.

Q: Why do you want expats to clear out of the room during troubleshooting an equipment failure?
A: Because expats are too nosy asking why and doesn’t have any iota of good suggestions to effectively troubleshoot the problem!

Q: Why was I not invited to that meeting?
A: Because your attendance only increases the chance of arguing a point close to nowhere and thus do not resolve the problem on hand.

Q: Why do people sleep when there are no materials to process?
A: We all have eyes that go tired of looking at nowhere and eventually they will fall asleep on their own.

Q: Why do Filipinos opts for Sunday as their Rest Days?
A: Because, being mostly Catholic, Sunday is God’s Day of Worship, while Sundays for you is only a going-to-the-market day!

Q: Why is a work on a Rest Day considered Overtime?
A: Because that’s provided by Philippine labor laws!

Q: Why do they mock my expertise?
A: Because you call yourself “expert” but doesn’t know anything about the subject that you claim you are an expert of!

Q: Why is your nose too sensitive to foul odors?
A: Because I always take a bath before coming to work, while you only do so whenever your holy boss is coming to visit!

Q: Why are the rank and file demanding for their pay and salary?
A: Because they have already worked for that months ago, and they have mouths to feed and bills to pay, unlike your lot who lives off the company’s luxury!


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  1. Damn! You’re Right There!

    I salute you friend!


    Comment by d4rkside — 2008.July.18 @ 11:07 | Reply

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