The Grey Chronicles


The Smell of Success

When expats came to National Steel Corporation in November 2004, we smelled a whole plethora of olfactory sensations.

I was working as the Team Leader of Technical Planning for the Liquidator, and the core team of expats came in to the office to verify the Plant Facilities Preservation team’s rehabilitation plan. One of the expats smelled so much that all my other colleagues in Technical Planning went out of the room and I was left all alone in the room with the expats.

After locating the software file of rehabilitation plan in my PC, I instructed one of the expats to just copy the file to the diskettes they brought with them as I excused myself to go my boss for instructions. In reality, I only left the room because I could not stand the strong odor===body, arm pit, sweat==from the expats looming, leaning and surrounding me.

Once outside, I saw my colleagues in group laughing their hearts out. One called me up and asked: “Can’t stand the heat, huh?”

“Yeah, the heat from my nose! I think I’m gonna have a nose-bleed from the smell!” I said.

After the smelly expat came out of the room, I went back in to find out that nobody copied anything yet because they ALL did not know how to copy the files they wanted to their diskettes!

A week later, I talked to a friendly expat and asked him, “Why do Indians smell? I mean, not everybody, of course!”

He replied, “I don’t smell, do I? Well, some Indians consider it more masculine if they do smell!”

“To us, it’s more masculine to take a bath once in a while!” I replied.

“Oh . . . its the curry, I believe. Plus all the garlic, onions and paprika, the Indians love to eat.”


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  1. I believe its the spices that they love to eat that are causing them to smell. But multiply that with not taking a bath, not changing clothes regularly and not applying deodorants or alike, now, that’s unhygienic.

    Comment by d4rkside — 2008.July.18 @ 12:34 | Reply

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