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Expatriates’ Expertise

When they came to the Philippines, most of them, Indian expats, introduced themselves as expert in so and so, this and that, etc. The so-and-so, this-and-that, etc. could range from expertness in financial management, production management, steel manufacturing,

The following anecdote happened in 2007 and it exemplifies the statement above.

A not-so-expert Pinoy in “argumentative” conversation, however, asked one expat his age who claimed to have had a 30-year experience in steel manufacturing.

The expat proudly replied, “I’m already nearing 45!”

The surprised non-expert Pinoy politely remarked:”So . . .  that makes you about fifteen years old when you started being an expert in steel manufacturing?”

The expat nonchalantly agreed.

In retrospect, the humble Pinoy thought “Maybe he is a genius . .. imagine, at fifteen years old he was already working with steel!”

Four weeks later, the two met in the shop floor.

The expat asked the Pinoy, “Why are coils still hot after being cleaned?”

The Pinoy, who is not an expert at explaining things, replied: “You’re the expert! You tell me why!”

This Pinoy have worked for the same steel company for about 15 years, but he never claimed he was an expert in steel manufacturing. But at least, he knew why those coils–cold-rolled coils– were hot after the high-current-density electrolytic cleaning line.


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  1. They are the experts indeed. Experts in asking questions “why”. An indian systems engineer there even asked someone what is this certain electronic equipment…. gosh…. (he was referring to a SCR)…. what a dupe! Users!

    Comment by d'd4rk — 2008.July.7 @ 05:51 | Reply

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